Your Sussex Wedding - April/May 2023 (Issue 102)

TIMELINE Map out an itinerary of the big day – how much time will be spent where and when – and share this with your transport company. Here, you’ll want to spend time considering if there are any factors along the way that will affect them, such as whether your ceremony and reception are in different locations and if you want the car to stay for photos. We recommend seeking out suppliers who will only book your vehicle into your wedding for the day, meaning they won’t be constantly clock-watching. Discuss travel times with your transport provider and bear in mind some vehicles can travel faster than others. Just because your car can get from A to B in a certain time, it doesn’t mean a vintage motor or horse and carriage can cover the same distance as fast! Finally on this note, be prepared. Check in with your driver or company the week of the wedding to make sure they have the correct address, timing and emergency phone numbers. THE FINE PRINT Jennifer Cooper from Something Blue Wedding Car Hire ( in West Sussex says, “Make sure you understand the contract and whether you have a fixed price. Good providers are usually quite flexible. For example, they might be able to do multiple runs if the pick-up and drop-off locations are close enough to one another.” Here are a few more things you’ll need to look out for:  How long do you have the transport for?  Is there a charge for unforeseen overtime?  Will there be an extra charge for photos?  How are you being charged? Is it a flat fee or based on mileage and petrol costs? How much is the deposit?  Does the supplier have a contingency plan in place in case of vehicle breakdown or driver illness? REPUTATION Always look for a reputable supplier you can rely on. Jennifer says, “Check out reviews. This will give you an idea of reliability, customer service and what to expect. Consider using a local supplier to reduce miles travelled as this may affect the price.” We also recommend making arrangements to meet them if possible. It’s worth asking to see the vehicle you’ll be riding in on the day so there are no surprises. If they’re reluctant to show you, there’s something amiss! Wedding fairs offer a good opportunity for this. Ensure everything runs smoothly with our top 10 tips for booking your wedding-day transport YOUR CARRIAGE for Something Blue Wedding Car Hire awaits Getty Images 64