Your South Wales Wedding - May/June 2020 (Issue 73)

82 Q&A Fashion & beauty Local experts offer advice on how to look your big-day best TREND SETTER My mum wants to wear something on-trend. What’s popular in the world of weddings right now? We advise our clients to remain classic and timeless, but that doesn’t mean your mum won’t be on-trend. Catwalks are full of ’60s wallpaper prints, gypsy crochet, feather detailing and polka dots. For a feather finish, look at Gill Harvey’s designs which are beautiful, lightweight and glittery. If a midi-length dress is what your after, then Aideen Bodkin offers soft moving fabrics with a polka-dot print. For a more timeless look with a current element, Teresa Ripoll would be the designer of choice. Her simple, sleek designs offer not only a fantastic fit but also capture the current trends. Coryn Emma Mother-of-the-bride expert COUNT ING THE PENNI ES I have six bridesmaids and want them to all wear beautiful dresses, but we’re on a tight budget. Do you have any ideas on how we can save money? There are a couple of things you can do to save money. Here are my top tips: ❤ I work with a designer who has a cheaper range in their collection. The designs are still beautiful and excellent quality but don’t come in a huge range of colours like some of the more expensive options. ❤ Mix and match. This will make it easier for you to buy gowns off the rack. For instance, I have several pastel- coloured dresses in different sizes that would look great at a spring or summer wedding. ❤ Go for a twist wrap or loop style. These are made from one piece of material and can be twisted or wrapped to make a design that suits your figure. These look great and generally run cheaper than more traditional gowns. Patricia Turner Bridesmaids specialist A SMOOTH COMPLEX ION I have bad acne but still want to look amazing on my big day. How can I get an even coverage? Skin preparation is key when it comes to getting an even coverage. ❤ Get regular facials, and cleanse/moisturise thoroughly to prepare your skin. ❤ On the day, use a good moisturiser before applying any make-up. A smooth base is essential and will help prevent your foundation from clinging to dry areas. ❤ I recommend Embryolisse Laboratories Lait-Créme Concentré. It doubles up as a primer to help your foundation stay in place. ❤ Use a colour corrector. Opt for a green shade to neutralise any redness, followed by a matching concealer. ❤ For good, long-lasting coverage put your foundation on in thin layers to prevent it from looking cakey. Rhian Glover Make-up artist SUMMER LOV ING We’re having a summer wedding with lots of bright colours, and I want to incorporate our theme into my make-up without overdoing it. Do you have any suggestions? I would always go with the colour of your eyes, bouquet and theme. ❤ Red roses can be complemented with a matching lipstick while lavender and pink bouquets would work well with coloured eyeliner and nude lips or pink blusher. ❤ Yellow blooms would go well with a light gold eyeshadow or a shimmer in the corner of your eyes. ❤ Peach eyeshadow brings attention to blue eyes. Maya Jasinska Make-up artist