Your South Wales Wedding - May/June 2020 (Issue 73)

BEAUTY INTERVIEW 81 Olivia Buckland is the face of Cocoa Brown, which is available in Superdrug and Primark stores nationwide.  Describing her day-to-day look as very natural, “if I’m not working I generally won’t wear make-up at all,” she says. When it comes to beauty must-haves though, she tells us, “My go-to product is the W7 Honolulu Bronzer. It gives me instant cheekbones!” Having worked with some incredible make-up artists such as Anna Lingis and Lo Dias, Olivia finds a wealth of inspiration in the beauty industry. She explains, “It’s full of people I look up to, but my main influence has got to be Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. She always shares her latest make-up must- haves, which I love. I always find myself wanting to know her beauty secrets and how she constantly looks so flawless.”  DRESSED TO IMPRESS Post- Love Island , Olivia is grateful for every opportunity she’s had and understandably feels a great sense of achievement. She says, “My clothing brand with Alex, Exempt Society is something I’m incredibly proud of. Also, having our TV show, Happily Ever After  on TLC was incredible.” Speaking of the star’s television career, here at CWM towers we’re huge fans of her other TLC venture,  Second Chance Dresses , being wedding obsessed as we are. “I loved watching the brides’ reactions when they found their dream dresses,” she says. “It was such a lovely feeling because I could relate, I know how magical that moment is. My dress is currently being stored in the loft. I do toy with the idea of auctioning it off for charity, as I don’t like the idea of it sat in storage, but I just can’t decide!”  Having been a high-profile bride, we were keen to find out if Olivia had any big-day wisdom to impart. “Get wedding insurance,” she says. “I didn’t have to use mine thankfully, but it’s such an important safety net. You hear of so many disaster stories. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.”  So what’s next? “Alex and I have just bought a new house together, so we’re mainly getting ready for the big move. I’m so excited to get settled in. We’ve such an exciting 2020 planned, so keep an eye out for new and upcoming projects.”