Your South Wales Wedding - May/June 2020 (Issue 73)

O I is for… Insurance It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of wedding planning, but don’t forget to check the car you hire is appropriately insured! J is for… Journey Although the destination is important, don’t forget to have fun on the way. Why not put together a special playlist to listen to on the way to the venue? K is for… Kiss Make the most of your journey from the ceremony to the reception, as you won’t have time to yourselves the rest of the day. L is for… Limousine Treat your bridal party to a luxurious stretched limo. Check out M is for… Mercedes This lovely sports car is perfect for an adventurous couple or for the groom to travel to the venue in. Head over to is for… Numbers If your guests need transport on the big day, why not look into hiring a double- decker bus? It’s quirky and can fit a large number of people. Available from N is for… Older cars Vintage vehicles provide great photo opportunities but make sure you look into the car’s reliability first. Check out P is for… Photos Whether you choose a horse- drawn carriage, bus or a sports car, take advantage of the opportunity to get some nice photographs. Q is for… Quirky Try and think outside of the box and go for something different like a tuk tuk – it’ll certainly give your friends and family something to talk about. Visit the website 58