Your South Wales Wedding - May/June 2020 (Issue 73)

AZ - GUIDE is for… Arrival Make a grand entrance on your big day with wow-factor transport. B is for… Bikes If you’re having an al fresco celebration, why not opt for matching bicycles? C is for… Convertible This vehicle is perfect if you want to take in the sights – but be careful your hair and make-up doesn’t get ruined on route! Check out D is for… Drive it yourself While having a chauffeur is undoubtedly fabulous, some companies can arrange for a self-drive car. Whether your dad wants to take you to the church or the groom would like to turn up in a head-turning sports car, there’s something out there to suit you. E is for… Engine The last thing you want on the wedding day is for the car to break down, so make sure you choose a reliable supplier! is for… Fairytale Travel to your venue like a princess in a classic horse-drawn carriage. Visit F G G is for… Group There’s nothing to say you have to have matching wedding cars, but a convoy of stunning Rolls-Royces does look fabulous. H is for… Helicopter Wow your guests by arriving at your nuptials from the sky! A Arrive in style with the help of our Va-va-vroom! 57 TRANSPORT