Your North West Wedding- April/May 2021 (Issue 67)

38 www.inst www.dav www.kell “I love this photo for one reason only, and that is the sheer joy captured when the couple emerged from the church and were highjacked by a huge confetti shower from their guests.” – David from David K H Photography. “Rhian was so happy to see Mark. She didn’t wait for the vows and permission to kiss the bride, she just launched into his arms as soon as she arrived. The whole wedding was as fun as this moment.” – Andy from Andy Boyle Photography. “We love these photos because they represent happiness, intimate moments and highlights the true emotions during the day.” – Maya from Infinity Photography Events. “Here is Rose dancing with her girls at her reception. I love the animation and vibrancy of everyone in the photo.” – Kellianne from Kellianne Photographer. “This was taken on the 22 nd March, and the bride desperately wanted snow. The day had been dry throughout, with no sign of cloud, and the forecast said clear. With less than 10 minutes to spare before the first dance, it began to snow.” – Michael from Weddings by Michael. www.dar “An informal capture of the bride and groom with their children. I love how relaxed and happy everyone is in front of the camera, which is how it should be on the big day.” – Stacey from DarkleMoner Photography. www.blac “This is one of my all-time favourite shots because of the pure emotion and the story it tells of a father seeing his daughter in her wedding dress for the very first time.” – Scott from Blackfell Photography. www.dela “What you can’t see is the party that’s raging in a barn not too far away while this quiet moment is happening as the sun sets.” – Rachael from de la Mare Creative.