Your North West Wedding- April/May 2021 (Issue 67)

37 PHOTOGRAPHY Local photographers showcase their favourite images OF LOVE THE MEANING P hotographs are more than just keepsakes. It’s a way of reliving those happy memories over and over again and reminding yourself of just how magical your special day was. To help give you heaps of inspiration, we’ve asked local suppliers to send in some of their favourite images. www.dar www.dav www.blac www.kell “I was honoured to photography a truly breathtaking Hindu wedding ceremony where the colours were vibrant, the atmosphere was electric, and everyone looked like a million dollars.” – Scott Wigglesworth from Blackfell Photography. “A proud mother showing love and support for her daughter on her wedding day. I love how simple this image is and how it rekindles a feeling of joy following their special day.” – Stacey Jackson from DarkleMoner Photography. “This image oozes with intimacy, and combined with glorious light from the sun setting behind them, it adds to the drama and makes it one of my favourites.” – David Hobson from David K H Photography. “I love this shot of Naomi and Ollie, who had trekked to get to the top of this gorgeous viewpoint. As Naomi hugged Ollie, you can see the emotion on her face, and I think we were all crying at this point.” – Kellianne Newiss from Kellianne Photographer. “The bride had booked the fair ride for one hour, but her timing was inaccurate, and we arrived at the end of the hour, with five minutes to spare.” – Michael Sewell from Weddings by Michael. “The main thing that makes this picture special is the two in the window getting caught up in the moment – they turned out to be our next wedding!” – Rachael de la Mare from de la Mare Creative. www.inst “T his image shows winter boho vibes at Sk itby House.” – Maya Stankova from Infinity Photography Events. “Even with a limited audience at their enforced ceremony, Phil couldn’t resist a few moves. Rob is accustomed to his husband’s antics and was just so happy to be able to get married.” – Andy Boyle from Andy Boyle Photography.