Your North East Wedding - November/December 2022 (Issue 53)

58 EPERNAY BRIDAL Where? Newcastle upon Tyne Why us? “Not only will you find your perfect dress at our boutique, but we also stock bridesmaid dresses designed by Hayley Paige,” says Epernay’s Judith Wade and Laurie Barnett. “The bridesmaid looks many of our brides go for are dresses of the same colour, but in different styles and silhouettes that suit each maid’s shape. Another look we love is a lovely colour palette of dresses, that are similar in style but different shades. The important thing to consider is not to follow trends if a dress feels right for you and your bridesmaids – luckily we are on-hand to help and advise with any queries you might have when trying outfits on. Plus, the bonus of visiting us is that we are both professional make-up artists, too, meaning you can also book our make-up services for the wedding day!” Top tip: “Don’t over shop – instead visit a small number of boutiques. Check out the social pages of the boutiques you discover, too, to get to know their vibe. Look at the designers they stock and their content, including their reviews, dresses and services.” HERE COME THE BRIDESMAIDS Where? Newcastle Upon Tyne Why us? “I have carefully curated, as well as co-designed, the most exquisite bridesmaids’ dresses, exclusive to our Grey Street shop in Newcastle,” says Here Come The Bridesmaids’ Nicola Zena. “Our dresses are chic, elegant and timeless – as well as being high quality and not available online. Especially made to order for you, the experience you will enjoy at our boutique is like nothing else! My expertise in styling and fashion design, coupled with my sensitivity, makes me receptive to your bridesmaids’ needs, leaving all my clients looking divine – and feeling confident and empowered. Regardless of whether you want to follow the current trend towards all shades of earthy greens, or pick from the boutique’s 300 colour choices, you’ll most certainly be in the safest of hands.” Top tip: “Your special day is one of the most important times of your life, so it’s well worth investing in a specialist service for your bridesmaids’ dresses. You all need to look absolutely perfect – and we are here to make that happen!” AMBLE BRIDAL AND PROM SERVICES Where? Amble Why us? “We design and make mother of the bride and mother of the groom coordinating millinery and outfits, working with the client to choose colours and shapes suitable for their style and figure,” says Amble’s Norma Arthur. “We can alter ready-made outfits, too, to ensure the perfect fit, adding secret panels to let out dresses, or adjusting tailoring, cuffs and hems on suits. We even have a dry cleaning service for after the event.” Top tip: “Take a trusted friend with you who will give an honest opinion about what does and does not suit you. Also, from an alteration perspective, it is much easier to take something in or make it shorter than to let something out. Make sure you sit down after everything is pinned, as well, to see that it’s comfortable, not too short – and makes you look and feel amazing!”