Your East Midlands Wedding - April/May 2021 (Issue 43)

Top advice for the perfect wedding SAY YES TO THE DRESS I’m having a boho-style wedding and I’m looking to add the final touches to my look. What would you suggest? When it comes to adding boho-style touches to your bridal look, there are many different takes on the style to work with. But the boho roots are bonded with free, romantic souls who fell in love with nature and are into vintage ideas. For a modern hippie-chic style, I suggest a botanical- inspired hairvine, hairpins or eye-catching earrings depending on your personal preference. Another option is focusing on nature by incorporating flowers and leaves into the look. Or why not opt for undefined, geometrical and minimal-style patterns? Some brides are brave and chose a boho-luxe theme and add semi-precious stones, beads and gold to make a statement look. You can even create an eclectic mix of everything above, but the most crucial factor is wearing accessories you’re comfortable in. Anna Szumilewicz – Jarmolowicz | Aureus Flos MOMENTS THAT MATTER What should I take into consideration before booking my photographer? Every photographer has a different way of working, some have a documentary style while others have a more natural approach and will not undertake any staged situations. Sit down as a couple with the supplier and discuss what you both want from the day in person or via Zoom – this allows the photographer to understand what you’re looking for. Decide where the photographer should be on the morning of the wedding. If there’s only one photographer, capturing getting ready shots can be difficult if you also want photos of the groom and guests arriving at the venue. Supply the company with a timeline of events and organised family/group shots to ensure nothing else planned gets delayed. Many couples don’t think about what happens if the photographer is ill or can’t make the day. Illness can happen at any time, and here at Captcha Photography we have multiple photographers in our team and wedding insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstance. Many photographers offer deals and packages to couples which include a limited number of images; it’s essential to ask who will make the decision on which ones are picked to work on. Also, if digital images are supplied, always confirm what quality/resolution these will be. Hayley Masom | Captcha Photography Ltd HOT TOPIC www.rebe  EXPERT ADVICE 77