Your East Midlands Wedding - Dec/Jan 2019 (Issue 35)

CAKES 59  Going forwards 2020 is all about textures and I’m excited to discover how creative couples choose to get with their designs. We can expect to see more monograms and hand-painted illustrations adorning the icings, adding a luxurious personal touch. The minimalist vibe is still going strong with statement one-tier cakes set to steal the spotlight for the year ahead. Popular flavours at April Delights include lemon sponge teamed with lemon curd and vanilla buttercream and sticky toffee sponge and salted caramel cake. Adele White | April Delights | Every year I’m fortunate to take part as a cake international judge who gets to see new trends develop in the Wedding cake category. Cake artists are bringing the wow factor by trying new techniques or adding a subtle twist to a classic design. Couples are expecting more creativity with their wedding cakes in 2020 and the traditional white is going to change to coloured, with black being at the forefront. Metallic designs have toned down this year to create a softer shimmering effect and we’re seeing ruffles running vertically as well as horizontal, or a similar effect created with buttercream. Painting on cakes has now developed to that of the artists' pallette.  Naked-style cakes are still trendy but now cake artists are becoming more adventurous by adding drips, multiple flavours and different colours.  Lynda Gilbey Cakeart Creations| READY, SET bake We shine the spotlight on some exciting new cake trends for 2020 What a year 2019 was for innovation in the wedding cake world and 2020 looks to be another trend-setting year with lots of exciting new ideas coming through. The public’s passion for bees has grown and are becoming popular either as a whole theme or just the odd one hidden somewhere on the cake. Alongside this, the hexagon is making an appearance, think honeycomb-effect in different colours or even actual hexagonal-shaped tiers too. Marbling has run strong and seems to be rolling through to 2020, incorporating colours from the wedding itself and sometimes with hints of silver or gold leaf. I encourage my clients to edge towards darker flavours like toffee fudge and dark chocolate alongside fresh options like white chocolate and passion fruit, or lemon and lime.  Sarah Cooper-Smith | The Purple Pumpkin Cake Company |