Your Yorkshire Wedding - September/October 2023 (Issue 62)

RAISE A TOAST My mum’s adamant we need a toastmaster – what’s their role in our big day? Firstly, a toastmaster brings the style and presence of that famous red tailcoat, which adds colour to your wedding. They also manage all the stress and anxiety of organising your day – no matter how big or small. This is done by meticulously planning for your exact requirements, ensuring what you want happens when, where and with whoever you wish. They also liaise with other professionals involved in your wedding such as photographers, videographers, musicians, DJs or catering staff – meaning you can relax and enjoy your celebration. Remember that for us there’s no such thing as a silly question – your concerns are our concerns. We will listen and advise every step of the way. Martin Moorhouse, Martin the Toastmaster | EVERY LITTLE HELPS My fiancé and I want our one-year-old twins at our wedding; but don’t want family babysitting. Is there a Yorkshire company to help? The Yorkshire Nanny Company has checked nannies available to come to you on the morning of your wedding and help get the children ready. They can stay throughout the day and make sure all needs are met, such as meals, sleep, play and exploration, as well as nappy changes. Your family and friends would still be able to see them, but the nanny would be responsible for their care, allowing guests to fully enjoy your day. A nanny can also babysit in the evening, making sure no one misses the reception. Care can be given at the wedding venue, a private home or within a hotel room – and overnight care is also a possibility if required. Whatever your needs, we can provide a tailored approach to fit. Lyndsey Brown, The Yorkshire Nanny Company | PICK OF THE BUNCH How do I know which is the right team to choose for wedding glam? I Googled ‘Yorkshire wedding hair and make-up’ and there’s over 19 million results! First, have a clear idea of what you want – do you need an individual hair stylist, make-up artist, or someone to do both? Where you will be getting ready, what time you need to be ready for, and how many people are in your wedding party, are all other questions to consider. The reason for this is that your glam squad will need to establish whether they’ve the time to get you all ready on the morning of your wedding, as well as if they’re prepared to travel to your location. What’s also worth noting is that the most expensive stylists and makeup artists are not always best. Take a look at their work on socials or ask them to send you examples by email. Many offer a trial as part of their package, which should be taken before you book. Be warned that many of Yorkshire’s popular suppliers are already taking bookings for 2024/2025, so do your research and get booked in their diary as quickly as you can. Lisa Kramer, The Style Lounge | | 94