Your Yorkshire Wedding - September/October 2023 (Issue 62)

HOT TOPIC Those in-the-know solve your wedding dilemmas HARPING ON I want a harpist for our ceremony and while guests are mingling, but my wifeto-be isn’t convinced. Any thoughts? Imagine a wedding without music. Impossible, isn’t it? Music is a vital part of your celebration, and the harp creates a dreamy fairytale atmosphere, transforming your ceremony and adding that extraspecial wow factor. You’ll also be surprised by how many of your guests have never seen or heard a harp before! It’s probably the most romantic musical instrument for your ceremony, drinks or wedding breakfast – or a combination of all three. I suggest for your ceremony you select songs that mean something to you as a couple, to walk down the aisle, to sign the register and for your exit together. Then, for your drinks and meal, the subtle sound of the harp is the perfect accompaniment as you chat to friends and family. Overall, having music played with passion by a harpist could be one of the highlights of your day. I truly hope she says ‘I do’ to having one at your wedding! Rhian Evans, Rhian Evans Harpist | ALL PRESENT AND CORRECT My guests keep asking what we want as gifts – but we’ve no clue. We need ideas! This is more common than you think – nowadays most people already live together before getting married, so don’t need the traditional plates and toasters. Asking for money has now become a go-to response, and can be included on your invitations with a poem. You can then put the money towards your honeymoon or something you’d both really love, but might be out of budget for just one person to gift. One thing I’d recommend, regardless of whether you live together or not, is to have something personal made from your special day. You could ask for a personalised photo frame, album or name plaque to put up in the house – something that makes you smile every time you look at it. Lisa Dalgleish, The Mothercraft | 93 ASK THE EXPERTS