Your Yorkshire Wedding - March/April 2022 (Issue 53)

OUR TOP TIP! Try to make every moment part of your day, as it all goes so quick. Don’t just see the ceremony as the starting time, as half the day is gone by then. Also, something personal feels much more memorable and meaningful than something that’s traditional or not really about you. The evening food was a converted vintage fire truck serving pizza which was lush! The van was even driven across the grounds of Bowcliffe to get it in position. Again, another supplier who would do anything to make it work! TOM AND DAN’S LITTLE WHITE BOOK Venue, | Photographer, | Wedding stylist, Hair & make-up, | Suits, | Wedding rings, Goldsmiths | Flowers, Transport, | Stationery, | Illustration, @harrietalicefoxdesigns | Evening catering, | Wedding backdrop, | Choir, Cheeseboard | Smoke bombs for photos are more effort than they are worth – we had five, and only two worked properly and by the end of it we both had sliced fingers, smelt of lingering smoke, and had a little bit of a funny hu e to our faces for a short while! Our friend Kirsty doing the ceremony was so personal and touching and our niece, Immy, doing a speech and a reading was very memorable. When nervous or excited or – anything – Tom has a lot of energy and so our photographer repeatedly had to tell him to stand still so she could get photos of him, otherwise he would’ve been in very few photos from the preparation stages of the day! We loved seeing all of our guests mixing and chatting to each other with everyone smiling and enjoying themselves and no one left out. 26