Your Yorkshire Wedding - March/April 2022 (Issue 53)

Tom wore pink Dr. Martens shoes to give the suit a pop of colour and wore cropped trousers. Dan wore matching navy colour trousers but with a classic navy/brown shoe. We hired a choir! They sang a range of our favourite songs before, during, and after the ceremony and were amazing. Such a great touch. Our table plan was hand-drawn by an illustrator from Yorkshire, featuring images of us and our dog, Winnie. There was a DJ in the evening, and we danced in the rainbow light-up wings that Tom had bought for his ‘Gayzelle’ (like a stag but gayer!). The suits were made by Owen Scott Bespoke Tailors in Huddersfield – they were picked together so complemented each other well. Another thing we did which was a little different was to break up the speeches. We thought doing five speeches, one after the other would potentially drop energy levels in the room and some guests may get a little bored. Instead, we decided to do our speeches in between courses. REAL WEDDINGS 25