Your Surrey Wedding - December 2022/January 2023 (Issue 98)

A PERFECT DAY Our friends suggested we hire a celebrant to officiate our wedding, but we’re not sure what to expect. What does a celebrant do? Having a celebrant officiate your wedding is a great way of creating a personal and bespoke ceremony. It provides you with the freedom to choreograph something meaningful and individual to you, as well as being engaging for your guests as they won’t have seen a ceremony like yours, even if they have been to other celebrant-led weddings. When looking for a celebrant it’s important to find one that shares your values, vision and possibly even your style. If you like modern and romantic, it would be pointless going for a quirky celebrant and vice versa. Most suppliers should offer a free chat so you can see if your ideas flow and you like how they work. I like to work closely with my couples, meet them a few times and get to know them. I find the information I need by chatting with them, but some celebrants may send out questionnaires. Find out if your celebrant is able to conduct a ritual for you, if this is something you want, as some do and some don’t. They should have lots of ideas on how to help you create something that you and your partner will look back on for years to come and cherish. Rebecca Douglas WE ARE FAMILY We have lots of children attending our wedding and are thinking of hiring childcare for them. What should we take into consideration before booking a company? Booking an event-childcare company is the perfect way to include little ones in your day, while also allowing the parents to relax and enjoy themselves. Think about the kind of package you require, as you may like to book an entire creche with a play set-up with multiple nannies if you have a larger group of children attending, or just the one nanny, if you only have one or two children requiring care. You’ll need to know the times you’d like childcare to begin and end on the day. Think about whether an extra pair of hands might be useful during preparations in the morning and if an evening service could help allow parents to party the night away. Another important consideration is space. Your childcare providers will require a separate room at your venue to care for the children; the size of which will depend on the package you book and the number of little ones needing care. Block out a space early on, so the childcare company and venue can plan around this. Event-childcare companies will offer various packages to support you and your little guests in the best possible way during your wedding day, ensuring little ones are safe and happy at all times. Ella Dibb ESPECIALLY FOR YOU We’ve just got engaged and are planning to get married in 2024. When should we start looking for a photographer? If you’ve booked your wedding venue, then it’s never too early to start booking suppliers, especially your photographer. Be aware that the time of year that you’re getting married will depend on the demand for your chosen supplier. May through to September will always be busiest, with lots of clients booking a year to 18 months in advance. As always, make sure you choose wisely. Get a good feel from your photographer and make sure their style suits you. When you do come to book, a holding fee or a deposit is all that is generally required to secure your date. Eray Kaya 68