Your Surrey Wedding - December 2022/January 2023 (Issue 98)

Our experts solve your problems HOT TOPIC: WEDDING WORRIES PLANNED TO PERFECTION What does a toastmaster do and is it worth hiring one? This is a great question and one that I often get asked. Look for a toastmaster that has been professionally trained would be my first piece of advice. You will get assurance that they will provide a sense of tradition and formality with a modern approach setting the tone for the day that you want. A trained toastmaster will provide you with a service that covers the initial planning, through to the ceremony and evening celebrations. They will have been trained to work across a whole spectrum of events, understanding the associated cultural or religious differences, and provide a professional service for your day, ensuring that your event runs smoothly and as you wish. They should liaise with you and your events team throughout all stages of the planning process and advise on etiquette, the running order and timings and guide you through all of the options available. For example, on the day, I liaise with the banqueting team, the photographers and any entertainers to knit your event together and ensure it runs on time. John Griffiths 07368 945 630 LOVE THROUGH A LENS A friend of ours had two photographers on their wedding day. What are the benefits of this, and should we do the same? For my personal approach to photography, which is quite documentary, I tend to work alone and blend in with the guests. However, having two photographers really does depend on the number of guests and location. For a small intimate wedding with everything in one location, two photographers can be overwhelming, but they can be beneficial for larger weddings or those that take place across multiple locations. Having two photographers means one can be with the bride and one with the groom for the morning preparations. During the ceremony, you will have coverage from two angles, usually one from the back of the ceremony room and one at the front. This can give a great view of both the bride and groom’s reaction when they first see each other at the aisle. It’s also great for the ring exchange and first kiss. During the reception one photographer can focus on the family and group pictures, whilst the other can take relaxed guest photos. Similarly, during the speeches, the room can be split between the two photographers to try to capture all of the guests’ reactions. Have a chat with your photographer, and they will be able to help guide you on what would work best for your big day. Denise Winter LOVE IS ALL AROUND We’re thinking of hiring a celebrant for our upcoming wedding. What should we take into consideration before booking? Treat your search for a celebrant like you would for your make-up artist or florist. Celebrants come from all sorts of different backgrounds, and it’s their energy and style that are important. Once you like them and connect with them, the next step is checking the evidence. Do they have testimonials or blogs? Have they been in any media or publications? Do they have a YouTube channel? If research isn’t really your bag, then dive straight in and give them a call. This is the best way to decide whether you should book them or not. Like a lot of wedding suppliers, we are creative people, and we are fuelled and driven by the clients we serve, so it’s important you feel a connection before booking. Helen Noble EXPERT ADVICE 67