Your Surrey Wedding - June/July 2024 (Issue 107)

Childhood sweethearts Jess and Luke’s big day had an autumnal boho-vibe Images courtesy of Megan Donati Jess and Luke went to secondary school together and first dated when they were both young. “I decided he was too shy!” recalls Jess after a short-lived time together. “We were always good friends, and it felt like there was always something there. When I returned from a year in Australia when I was 19 we met back up and the rest is history!” Luke proposed on the couple’s nine-year anniversary on a breakaway in the Peak District. “I honestly had no idea!” shares Jess. “We had a cute cottage with a split/open level interior; whilst I was having a shower, he threw my change of clothes into the bathroom with me and told me to get changed in the bathroom. Which I thought was weird, but I just thought he was doing a champagne breakfast or something for our anniversary. When I came out, he blind-folded me and took me upstairs, then he went back down again and told me to take off the blindfold. He had made a trail of photos and rose petals, with little notes about our past, the trail led down the stairs and he was at the bottom kneeling with our dog Dave and popped the question!” The big date was set, 30th September 2022, with Botley Hill Barn setting the scene. REAL WEDDINGS 43