Your Sussex Wedding - Decmeber 2022/January 2023 (Issue 100)

HOT TOPIC Stellar wedmin advice from those in the know WINTER TREAT How can we give our wedding cake a wintry twist? Winter weddings can be designed to embrace the stunning array of sensations of the season. Use muted, gentle tones in the decoration like blush pink or ivory paired with deep rich jewel tones such as dark red or ivy green to create a comfy, sheltered feel. If warm colours aren’t your thing, icy blues and greys can be used to create a soft modern design. Alternatively, embrace strong geometric patterns or bold textures with a contemporary monochrome vibe. White on white textures can be very striking and lend themselves beautifully to the season. Whichever colour angle you go for, adding some glitter and sparkle provides a magical, wintry feel. Incorporating a metallic element like gold or copper can bring a warm, inviting feel, or use silver for a bold frosty kick. Finally, bring in some winter flavours such as orange or apple, cinnamon, ginger, peppermint, or for the adults, spike a tier with a warming, spicy tipple such as brandy, Grand Marnier or amaretto. Carrie Raymond, WINTER WARMERS What are your suggestions for a warming winter wedding feast? A warming winter wedding feast should be all about comfort and simplicity but most of all sharing. Think bold flavours, and something that’s filling, delicious and moreish. For me, a slow-cooked pulled shoulder of lamb in a rich Moroccan-style sauce with smoked paprika, caramelised onions, chickpeas and wilted spinach, topped off with a minted yoghurt and pomegranate dressing really hits the spot. I love the melt-in-themouth, well-seasoned lamb served alongside a warm chilli spiced cous cous, and chargrilled garlic buttered flatbreads to tear with your guests around the table. Dessert is easy! A white chocolate, caramelised orange and rosemary bread and butter pudding screams winter flavours and scents, served with cream Anglaise and dairy ice cream. Serve everything around the table in large bowls for sharing, take as much or as little as you want surrounded by friends and family. Feast... the clue is in the title! Kieron Robathan, SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY I’d like to have a bespoke piece of jewellery to wear on my wedding day. Can you make any suggestions as to how it could incorporate our winter theme? Wedding jewellery is very often costume jewellery, which means it’s made from non-precious materials, like base metals and imitation stones, so you can go all out for your winter theme without worrying whether it will be worn again. If you want real jewellery that you’ll be able to wear in the future though, you might want to choose something that’s not too weddingy. This depends on your personal style. When it comes to the winter theme, white metals like silver or platinum have a colder look than yellow gold, and diamonds or white crystals add to that effect. If you’re going for coloured gems, you should be guided by your palette and find something that fits it. Andrew Leggett, EXPERT ADVICE 73