Your North East Wedding - May/June 2023 (Issue 56)

oil in the evening is great too. The first will remove the make-up and SPF, the second is to cleanse the skin. Unless you’re very sensitive or have rosacea, I’d recommend using an exfoliator twice a week too in the evening after cleansing. Look for something with fruit acids (AHAs), which help to slough away dead, dull skin. A once-a-week brightening face mask will really help to liven up your complexion and even out skintone. As long as you introduce them a few months in advance of your wedding, a mask the night before is wonderful. It will help to soften and smooth your skin ready for flawless make-up application and it’ll help you to relax too. Also, be sure to moisturise daily, keep skin hydrated with a tonic, and by drinking plenty of water. Finally, if there’s one thing I think can make an enormous difference, it’s using a face oil. Even if your skin is oily, it can really help and there’s one out there for everyone. Brightening and balancing versions are wonderful, and you can use a drop after your make-up has been applied for extra luminosity. What would you suggest to those worried about congested or oily skin and the effect this will have on their overall make-up look? I always come back to cleansing as the key to great skin, yet it’s often the step people either skip entirely or skimp on. Cleansing wipes are a real no-no for me, they just move dirt around your skin and don’t cleanse properly. They aren’t great for the environment either, so I’d really avoid these. The other important thing, particularly when you have oily skin, is to choose balancing products. Often, those aimed at this particular skin type are harsh and strip skin of its natural oils. This doesn’t solve the problem though, in fact it has the opposite effect, making your skin panic into producing even more oil. It may surprise you to know that oil isn’t the enemy, being oil-free can be though. I even advise people with oily skin to use a facial oil in the evening. It can take time to get used to, and might take longer to even consider, as it does sound counter-intuitive! The key is to use the right ones – light, easily absorbed and balancing are what you need. Look for ingredients including rosehip, kiwi, thistle (also known as safflower) and jojoba, all great for oily, congested and combination skin. Massage a couple of drops into clean skin every night. Plus, if you aren’t sensitive to them, essential oils can also help to clear congested skin. Look out for palamarosa, cypress, bergamot, lemon, lemongrass and rose geranium. When is the best time to make changes/improvements to a skincare regime in preparation for a wedding? It can take time for our skin to adjust to new products and new ingredients. When you try something new, it’s not unusual for your skin to become dry or for you to experience a little redness or even breakouts. This is just our skin adjusting. It does depend on the individual and also what products your skin is used to, but to be safe, I’d give yourself at least two months to introduce changes and new products. This also leaves time for you to see the results. What products couldn’t you live without? I use either Clean Sweep Cleansing Balm, and I Can See Clearly Now Make-up Remover. I then follow with a second cleanse using Sweet Cheeks Non-Foaming Face Wash. I exfoliate a few times a week using Scrub Up Exfoliator and use Look on the Bright Side Face Mask once a week – mixing it with some Freshen Up and a few drops of Bloom & Glow. In the day I’m never far away from a bottle of Freshen Up Hydrating Skin Tonic – I love to use it when my skin needs a hydrating boost. Most of the time I use A Little Lift Serum followed by Bloom & Glow face oil in the day and at night Bloom & Glow or Repair & Renew face oil on its own – I just love face oils and the benefits they have on our skin. DISCOVER MORE Check out, and call 01348 811 711 for free, tailored skincare advice. You can also order a free skincare sample pack. INTERVIEW 69