Your North East Wedding - May/June 2023 (Issue 56)

SKIN DEEP Beauty editor Kelly Andrews caught up with Angela Langford whose eponymous brand offers a wide range of skincare designed to make you feel great The idea for Angela Langford as a brand started when Angela was working in a stressful, pressured, corporate job in Gibraltar, from which she was eventually made redundant. She knew she wasn’t meant for that world any longer, and set out to create her own business based on her passions. “I was travelling less, which meant I couldn’t easily get my favourite skincare from the UK anymore,” Angela says. “So, I started making my own products for personal use, with no intention of turning it into a career.” But, having discovered a love for the whole process, she did a lot of research and eventually decided to turn her new-found passion into a business, sharing her products with others. She went on to study cosmetic formulation in depth, which in turn opened up a completely new world for her. Beauty editor Kelly Andrews chatted to Angela recently to find out more about the brand and its products, as well as how they can help you feel skin confident for your wedding day, complete with that gorgeous bridal glow. “My aim is to make people feel great about their skin no matter their age. When we feel good about our skin, we feel better about ourselves in general, so my goal is just that – to help you feel great.” – Angela Langford People are becoming more conscious of what’s in their skincare products as well as how its produced. How can we ensure our beauty products are as harmless to the environment as they are good for our skin? I’m a very small-scale producer and I make everything myself in small batches. This means, there’s very little wastage and the products aren’t stored for months on end in a warehouse. I also use organic ingredients wherever available as these are also better for the environment. We’re primarily an online brand, so I don’t use any outer packaging, and this small change can help to make a positive difference. Where possible I use glass jars and bottles, but this isn’t always compatible with the product. If a container is plastic, I use post-consumer recycled packaging. This is an area I work hard to constantly improve on, and over the years, I’ve made a great deal of progress. Using high quality, concentrated products can help too, because you don’t need to purchase so often. Keeping your routine simple and using up what you do buy can also help. What are your favourite skincare ingredients that you recommend we look out for? This is a bit like being asked who your favourite child is, or in my case, favourite pet! It’s a tough one to answer, but I think oils rich in skin-loving omegas and essential fatty acids are vital for our skin’s health. Rosehip, chia seed, argan, and evening primrose are in a lot of my products and I always try to source organic versions. I’m a huge fan of active plant ingredients too. My current favourites are electric daisy and sea buckthorn. The former has been referred to as nature’s botox and can help to smooth, firm and tighten our skin; whereas sea buckthorn is like a superfood for it. It has so many amazing benefits – it’s calming, soothing, repairing and can help with cell regeneration. Rich in vitamin C and anti-oxidants, it’s a skincare powerhouse, which is why I use it in my best-selling face oil, Bloom & Glow. What would you recommend as the best approach for a bride or groom concerned about sensitive skin in the run up to the big day? Don’t introduce a new product to your skincare routine too close to your big day. Also, avoid any treatments or introducing new make-up. If you have regular facials, that’s fine, but going for something different a week beforehand may upset your skin. If you’re having your make-up applied by a professional, make sure you discuss this with them during your trial and ask to use your own make-up products if you’re worried. Can you suggest a skincare regime that will ensure skin is in tip-top condition, providing the perfect base for a W-day make-up artist? Cleanse every morning and evening. A double cleanse with a balm or 68