Your London Wedding - January/February 2023 (Issue 87)

PHOTOGRAPHY Finding a fab photographer is so important to us and with that comes a cost. Do you have any advice on getting the best for our buck? Your big-day photos capture the memories that you’ll cherish for years to come so it’s important that you find the right pro – if there’s one element of your budget not to cut – it’s this one! You want to make sure that you get the best for your money and here’s our advice on the best way to do that:  Be cautious if a photographer offers you something at half the price of others on the market. You want to pay the right price but for a quality service  Do your research – check reviews and portfolios to make sure that you’re happy with what other couples are saying about the photographer and that you like their style  Check your package – how many images will you receive after the day, are they print or digital, how soon after the day will you receive them. Also, be aware of cheap base packages where any additional items such as extra hours or a second photographer, are an added cost  Be clear on timings so you can book a package that covers the parts of the day that you want capturing on camera, rather than needing to book a full day’s coverage if you don’t need it  Think about different days of the week or months that aren’t during peak season for a more affordable package Jeff Oliver | Jeff Oliver Photography | BRIDAL GOWN I’d love the dream designer dress, but the price tag will be out of my league right now. Are there any options that would make me feel a million dollars, but at a more affordable price? The short answer here is yes! We stock dresses for all budgets, but what’s important to remember is to make sure you let your bridal boutique know what your budget is. They’ll then help you to find the most amazing dress for your budget and trust me, regardless of the price tag, you’ll feel beautiful in it. At The Wedding Wardrobe, we offer a service called Something Borrowed, where you can hire designer dresses for a fraction of the buying price. These gowns are perfect for those on a tighter budget. The dresses range from timeless classic designs to glamorous gowns, ensuring every budget and style is catered for. The hire service is straight forward and stress-free. We take care of dry cleaning, and you can forget about long waiting times, because with Something Borrowed, you can pick up your bridal dress rental in as little as a week from your order date. Claire Weeks | Wedding Wardrobe | 83 ASK THE EXPERTS CAKE We’re absolute foodies so we want our cake to be a showstopper but wondered if there’s any way that we can cut down on the cost? There absolutely is and you don’t need to sacrifice on design. If you’re after wow factor, consider having a smaller centrepiece and going all out on style, perhaps with some sleek metal or transparent separators to give you more glam, tiers and height without adding more actual cake. For bigger weddings, you could include nondisplay, undecorated sheet cakes behind the scenes that can be cut and served to guests. Nondisplay sheet cakes can help you bring down the price, as there’s a bit less time and skill involved in decorating them. You could also consider having a treat table instead of a dessert course after your main meal. You could opt for a selection of mini cakes, doughnuts, macarons and goodies to suit all dietary requirements, all designed along a similar theme and displayed in a fabulous way to create that amazing focal point in your venue. All quality cake suppliers will have a good sense of what we can provide for a specific budget, so my biggest piece of advice is to be upfront when you speak to them. Let them know at your first appointment how much you have to spend, and they’ll advise on the best realistic options for you. Maxine Monu | Den Bake Shop |