Your London Wedding - January/February 2023 (Issue 87)

HOT TOPIC How can couples create the day of their dreams without breaking the bank? HAIR AND MAKE-UP I’m planning on doing my own bridal hair and make-up, but I’m not great at it. Do you have any tips that could help me? Having a lesson beforehand is a great way to build confidence. I love running these sessions with my brides. We’ll work together to come up with a look that’s manageable for you and will last all day. We’ll look through your hair and make-up bag to get the best results with the products you already have, and I can also suggest some of my favourite tried and tested products too. As well as giving you tips for achieving your desired look on the day, the prep in the run-up to your day is just as important. I’ll also provide you with a personalised beauty routine to help your skin and hair to be at its absolute best and share my expert tips and tricks to leave you feeling confident in creating a beautiful bridal look. If you’re just feeling in a rut and would like to improve your skills my personalised classes can help with this too. I’ll show you how you can use hair and make-up to flatter and enhance your natural features. Kat Sykes | Kat Sykes Hair and Make-up Artist | STATIONERY We have a large guest list and I’m worrying about last-minute changes and printing costs. Do you have any suggestions on how we can get around this? You’re quite right, a large guest list means more printing and therefore more room for errors in misspelt names and last-minute changes causing you a headache. We’ve come up with a solution for this very issue! We’ve just launched an attractive QR code acrylic block product that can be created to act as table numbers, as well as having your names and the date and time of your nuptials included. The addition of a QR code means that guests can simply scan it to find out everything from where they’re sitting, to the menu and timings of the day. Not only does this mean you don’t need to spend on printing, they’re also extremely practical for those last-minute changes. Instead of needing to re-print, you can just make the change online and it’ll show immediately when the QR code is scanned. Louise Stephenson | WTTB | 82