Your Hampshire and Dorset Wedding - May/June 2022 (Issue 92)

FASHION ICON When looking for the perfect suits for groomsmen, the options to consider are bespoke, ready to wear or hired attire. While hiring suits are probably the most costeffective choice, grooms and groomsmen are increasingly choosing to buy their outfits, even though this costs a little more. Choosing to go bespoke will provide a fantastic look, but is the more expensive option and can take longer to receive. We recommend allowing a minimum of four months for any of these choices. The most traditional and formal option for groomsmen is the morning coat, usually a black wool herringbone cloth worn with a grey or buff waistcoat and striped trousers. You can change the waistcoat for a more personalised look. These suits also have grey or blue versions, usually worn with matching trousers. It’s tempting to pick a fashionable style if you’re choosing a lounge suit, but the classic cut won’t date as quickly in the photo album. Charles Gale Clothing can provide all of the above and have a highly-experienced workforce who will be pleased to offer any advice. John Manuel | Charles Gale Clothing FINISHING TOUCHES Whether you’re exchanging vows in a traditional English garden or the halls of a countryside manor house, summer is the perfect time of year to tie the knot. Tweed continues to be a popular fabric, fitting effortlessly into fairytale or rustic weddings. That’s why we’re excited to be introducing a new green tweed three-piece suit to our range in late summer, called Appleton. Finishing touches can transform a look from distinguished cravats, pocket squares, and formal shirts. It’s important that the looks all remain seasonal and fresh throughout the summer months. You can pair new Van Buck ties with Liberty Fabric and Appleton suit to create the perfect look. Summer weddings are often complemented with a dusty pink or sage colour palette, so we’ll also be expanding our waistcoats to include these desirable shades and other popular colour schemes. Hector’s is perfect for gentlemen looking for traditional styles but with modern touches. Joe Bicknell | Hector’s The perfect gentlemen 70