Your Hampshire and Dorset Wedding - May/June 2022 (Issue 92)

Suppliers share top advice for dressing the bridal party #SQUADGOALS DRESSING THE BRIDAL PARTY THE PERFECT FIT When bridesmaids go for their alterations, there are a few things they need to consider and expect. Even clients who are the average height still need their dresses shortened, which is a straightforward alteration unless you have decorative elements at the hem. Anything that needs to be detached and attached again is best to be left to the bridal gown. Mass produced bridesmaid dresses might be different to the sizing you’re familiar with. Purchase gowns in a size up because if the dress is too small, it’s not always possible to make it bigger if there’s no extra fabric to work with. Creative solutions, such as lacing at the back or mesh illusion panels in the sides are possible, but at an extra cost. If you have a bridesmaid with an uneven posture or disability where asymmetrical adjustments are required, make sure to avoid dresses with symmetrical drapery or pleats on the bodice. If your best girls have different preferences or you’re struggling with size range, consider choosing a different dress for each person. Synchronize them though similar or the same colors to keep everything cohesive. Contact a seamstress early on and have them pencil you all in for alterations to avoid any last-minute stress. Don’t have them done too early, as size is a tricky variable for many of us. Zaneta Burnett | Zaneta Burnett Design Her com gir 69