Your Devon and Cornwall Wedding - November/December 2022 (Issue 40)

OUTDOORS THE great Cornish wedding venue Knightor Winery provided the beautiful backdrop for Emma and Jamie’s big day Images courtesy of Cindy Kitchker Photography Emma and Jamie met through Jamie’s brother Sammy and Emma’s best friend Lewis. “We had seen each other on a few nights out previously but had never spoken until I attended Jamie’s 25th birthday,” Emma tells us. “As soon as we spoke, that was it! Ten years later we have three sons together and are married. Sammy and Lewis have a lot to be thanked for!” Jamie proposed to Emma in St. Ives when she was 38 weeks pregnant with their second child. “I thought we were going for a chilled weekend in Camelford where my parents have a holiday lodge but Jamie convinced me to take a day trip to St. Ives and made us park in the car park that was furthest away from the town in the middle of November!” Emma says. “We walked to a spot overlooking Porthmeor Beach where both of our families were standing holding a large banner saying ‘Emma will you marry me?’ It was completely unexpected and a happy shock - now I know why he was so adamant that I bought my hospital bag with me!” Here, Emma tells us all about their celebration which was styled with a green and white theme. Emma and Jamie Dean married on 21st May 2022 at Knightor Winery in Saint Austell, Cornwall. 33 REAL WEDDINGS