Your Bristol & Somerset Wedding - February/March 2024 (Issue 99)

Be as relaxed as you can and surround yourself with people who you know will help. It’s easy to feel stressed, but handing over responsibilities to those we trust was key for us. You have enough to think about and do on your wedding day! Having been together for 10 years, getting married felt like the natural next step. That being said, we still woke up on the day full of excitement and nerves understanding that this was one of the biggest days of our lives. I wore a sleeveless, two-toned white and off-white lace wedding dress with a slimline silhouette and train. I accessorised with a veil, which was kept in place by a pearl hair piece. Jordi wore a green suit with a black tie and black shoes, his look was distinct compared to the rest of the wedding party as the groomsmen wore different shades of green and each sported a different look so that everyone felt comfortable in what they were wearing. 32