Your Bristol & Somerset Wedding - August/September 2022 (Issue 90)

Q&A Beauty Look and feel your big-day best with help from the professionals DRY SPELL I’m really struggling with patches of very dry skin on my face and nothing I’ve tried helps. I’m panicking that this will ruin my big-day make-up. Can you help? Jane says: Here are my top tips for alleviating those dry patches of skin, which form uneven flaky areas of built-up foundation and powder that will be visible on close-up images. First and foremost, stay hydrated – keep those water bottles topped up! You’ll also need to avoid harsh toners and wipes that dry the skin. And instead of wash cleansers, use a cream cleanser instead. Exfoliate once or twice per week. This will prevent pores clogging, resulting in fewer breakouts. It also increases collagen production, promoting skin elasticity while minimising the appearance of fine lines and related sagging. Importantly in your case, it will keep your skin silky soft and smooth by buffing away and removing dead skin cells. Once you start exfoliating regularly, you’ll find that serums, moisturisers and growth factors penetrate deeper into the skin, enabling them to work more effectively. Lymphatic drainage will be stimulated causing an oxygen-rich blood flow to feed and nourish the skin’s surface, producing that sought after healthy bridal glow. Exfoliation is a must too if you’re using fake tan, as it will prevent orange patches and uneven coverage. Use a gentle scrub if your skin is sensitive but if it’s oily or problematic, an abrasive scrub is recommended. You could even make homemade facial scrubs using ingredients such as honey, oats, brown sugar and coffee granules mixed in base oils such as jojoba or coconut. LET IT FLOW I’d like to wear my hair down for the wedding, but how can that be elevated to look bridal? Victoria says: There are already so many elements to a wedding outfit that we don’t normally wear on a day-to-day basis that sometimes it just feels right to let one part of yourself be natural. What better way than to let your hair shine in its true form? After all, who dons a veil to do the supermarket shop?! You’ll look bridal anyway, but there’s no reason you can’t glow up your hair and have it on point for the big day. Keeping it in tip top condition is important. So, whether you opt for a salon deep-conditioning treatment or a home remedy; these help to remove product build up, hydrate your scalp and alleviate broken cuticles, which are responsible for keeping your hair strong and moisturised. Don’t dismiss on-the-day prep, even if you’re leaving it unadorned. As a hairdresser, I love to set the hair accordingly, be it heat-protected and straightened or set to enhance the natural curl. It also helps to protect it against the inevitable possibility that the weather may decide to change at the drop of a hat. There’s also an array of gorgeous headpieces that work better with hair down, such as decorative headbands, tiaras, hair vines or crowns. Even just an embellished slide could be all you need for that perfect finishing touch. Getty images CONTACT OUR EXPERTS Jane Dare, | Victoria Spicer, 76