Your Berks, Bucks and Oxon Wedding - December/January 2023/2024 (Issue 104)

How can our readers ensure their skin is in tip top shape providing the perfect canvas for their W-day make-up artist? The best thing you can do is drink water! Yes cleansing and exfoliating are extremely important but being really well hydrated from the inside out can make a whole world of difference to the skin. I also advise my brides to go easy on the sugar intake in the week leading up to the wedding and to avoid excessively salty food the night before, as this can result in puffiness and water retention on the big day. What I strenuously suggest brides don’t do is try facials or treatments before the wedding that they’ve never tried before. So many times I’ve been confronted with brides who have either had a reaction or their skin has broken out as a result of a treatment they’ve not had before. If you’re in the habit of having facials then by all means continue but don’t have one, or indeed any other new treatment right before the wedding, if you’ve never done so before, as they could have a negative impact on your skin. In your new book you talk about the tools needed for the job. Is there a set of basics that we should all have in our make-up bags? Tools are key when it comes to make-up application. I’m an avid believer in using your fingers if you’re happy to do so but if not then decent brushes make all the difference. It’s a bit like cooking: chopping an onion with a bent, blunt knife is a real challenge but like slicing butter if you have a good quality kitchen knife. The same goes for make-up brushes. As a make-up artist I own hundreds but not everyone needs that many. A base brush for all cream and liquid products (like skincare, foundation, cream bronzer, cream blush); a powder brush (for powder, blusher and bronzer); an angled brush (for eyeliner and eyebrows); and a classic eyeshadow brush are the key essentials along with a decent eyelash curler. A smoky eye is one of your trademarks. How can this be adapted to suit a bridal look? When I create a smoky eye for a bride I tend to keep the shades I use a little softer than I would for a red carpet moment just to ensure the eyes aren’t lost in too much darkness. I’m obsessed with soft bronze shadows all over the lid with dark brown kohl smudged along the lash line and a few lashes added for a little extra lash density. If bronze isn’t your tone then any muted shade like grey, heather, mink, mocha, mushroom are all gorgeous for a soft smoky eye. The lips are going to get a lot of attention on the big day! So, what do you suggest to make them perfectly kissable with colour that has staying power? A gentle scrub is imperative the evening before the wedding or at least three hours prior (to allow for any redness to subside). A simple sugar scrub will gently exfoliate the lips so they feel soft and smooth allowing lip balm to absorb efficiently. More importantly lip products will sit seamlessly without any visible cracks or flakes. Be sure to apply balm first thing in the morning as part of your cleansing routine to start the hydration process then again at the very start of your make-up application to make sure the lips are as soft as they can be. Blot away any excess before lipstick is applied. I prefer to line the lips first with long-wearing liners, then fill in with a long-wear liquid lipstick – I find sheer layers best for both comfort and wear. Then, for a soft finish, I press on a creamy lipstick and a tiny bit of gloss so the lips look full and plump. The liquid lipstick underneath acts as an insurance and the colour lasts for hours. A touch-up kit is essential and I always suggest my brides remove all remnants of lip colour, apply some balm, blot, then reapply for the freshest look. What is it that makes you so passionate about make-up and skincare? I’ve always loved the creativity and art of make-up. I never tire of trying new products and experimenting with trends but as I’ve gotten older I’ve realised that actually what I love most about my job is helping other people feel good about themselves. I’ve had the privilege of seeing complete transformations with clients over the years, there’s something so magical about lavishing someone with your time, care, attention and artistry and seeing someone morph from shy, reserved and lacking in energy to beaming with confidence thanks to liking what they see in the mirror. I can assure you the make-up itself is only partly responsible for the transformation, it’s more about the personal connection made between artist and client. What’s been your career highlight so far? I’ve been lucky enough to have many but one of my greatest accomplishments is my book, Makeup. I’m not an academic and writing has never come easy. In fact I gave up on my dissertation at university because it was all together too much for me, and I ended up getting a diploma instead of a degree. So, to think almost 20 years later I managed to get my words out and actually wrote a book, a book that was number two in the Sunday Times best-seller list no less, is extraordinary to me. What’s next for you? Now that’s a question! I absolutely love what I do and I feel extremely grateful that that’s the case. I loved my time on 10 Years Younger so would always be open to another opportunity in TV but I’ve also loved working with brands on various product development moments and collaborations so I hope to do more of the same. I’d love my own brand one day but the market is so oversaturated at the moment so it won’t be any time soon. Makeup by Hannah Martin is published by HQ, Harper Collins. Available in hardback, £22, and in eBook and audio formats. You can follow Hannah on Instagram at hannahmartinmakeup, and on YouTube at INTERVIEW 83