An Essex Wedding - March/April 2022 (Issue 103)

So amazing Rea and Tommy tied the knot at That Amazing Place Images courtesy of Jasmine Jade Photography Rea and Tommy met very early on in their childhoods while on holiday in Kent where both of their families had chalets. Thanks to the beauty of social media, the pair reunited many years later when Tommy found Rea on Twitter. Sharing similar interests, life goals and, of course, both keen on each others looks and personalities, they hit it off once again! Fast-forward to Christmas Day morning in 2018, Tommy had planned a suprise proposal. “We sat to open our presents and I opened a box which had a penguin from John Lewis inside,” recalls Rea. “Tommy had told me before that penguins were monogamous, meaning that once they find their match they are together forever! As I looked down, Tommy was on one knee and asked me to marry him. My eyes filled with happy tears, and I couldn’t get my words out but I nodded, and managed to say yes! Tommy had even asked for my dad’s approval Christmas Eve!” The big date was set, 7th August 2021, with Essex venue That Amazing Place providing the ultimate backdrop. Here, we find out more from Rea about the finer details of their day... REAL WEDDINGS 33