Your Yorkshire Wedding - November/December 2020 (Issue 45)

W lcome ou a ly ver r... WHARFEDALE GRANGE NOW TAK I NG BOOK I NGS FOR 202 1 , 2022 AND BEYOND Please contact us for information, to book a personal viewing or interactive FaceTime viewing at al ternatively call 0113 2886320 between 9am-5pm. WWW.WH A R F E DA L E G R A N G E . CO . U K WH A R F E DA L E G R A N G E WH A R F E DA L E G R A N G E WH A R F E DA L E G Wharfedale Grange is Yorkshire’s only super luxury barn venue. Located in the heart of Yorkshire between the cosmopolitan city of Leeds and the beautiful spa town of Harrogate, the redevelopment of four beautiful barns has taken place to transform Wharfedale Grange into a farmhouse-luxe paradise with a breathtaking panoramic vista of all that is Yorkshire. You and your loved ones will be enchanted by our modern-yet-timeless decor. Our luxury venue is utterly unique and the perfect place for your dreams to unfold. WH A R F E DA L E G R A N G E , H A R R OG AT E R OA D , D U N K E SW I C K , L S 1 7 9 F D Richard Perry Hamish Irvine Toast of Leeds Joel Skingle