Your Yorkshire Wedding - May/June 2020 (Issue 42)

PLAY ON How do we go about choosing a big-day playlist when we have guests of all ages coming? Spotify and iTunes are a great place to start getting playlist ideas, and I recommend setting these up a few months ahead of the day. Instead of trying to think of music to suit everyone in one go, you can take the pressure off of yourself by adding tracks as you go; it’s amazing how quickly your list will grow. If you’d like input from your friends and family, you can share the lists with them and they can add requests too. A professional DJ won’t play directly from Spotify or iTunes, but this will give them access to your ideas in one place and will show the vibe you’re going for. However, don’t get too hung up on choosing music for the whole night. A good DJ will be able to cater to guests of all ages, so I’d recommend leaning on their experience to deliver on this. I find that if I take a good brief from my client and understand the demographic of the people attending, then I can deliver for a mixed-age group every time. Mark Green | DJ Mark Green | THE PERFECT SETTING We’d like a relaxed, country feel to our wedding. How do we narrow down our venue search and what should we be looking for? These are some things you may like for your wedding that you hadn’t considered, but will add to the vibe you’re going for… ❤ Accommodation . Can you stay on site and how long for? We offer the option of a three-night stay, giving you plenty of time to relax, enjoy the facilities and gradually come back down to earth afterwards. ❤ Exclusivity . Do you want to celebrate in private, without sharing the space with any other couples? ❤ Look and feel . Think about having a venue with a beautiful rural setting as a backdrop to your photographs. Inside, do you want a homely country house to reflect your theme? ❤ Little extras . Think about what added extras a venue can offer to make it more special. We have a cosy cinema room as well as a games room, which is perfect for competitive guests! We also have hot tubs and can offer spa treatments for a bit of R&R. ❤ Space . Would you enjoy an outside area where children can let off steam while the adults can sit around a campfire with a glass of wine? ❤ Food and drink . What do you want to eat? We give the option of hiring in professional caterers or doing your own catering from our kitchen. We also offer flexible bar options to fit with the theme of your day. Lisa Hunt | Spicer Manor | https://cha THROUGH THE LENS My partner and I are nervous about being in front of the camera. What tips do you have to help us relax on the day? The biggest tip I can give any couple is to make sure you’re comfortable with your photographer. If you don’t feel at ease with them, it’ll show in your photos. You need to totally trust your photographer – and all of your suppliers. Spend time with them and get to know the person behind the camera. Doing this will help you relax with them and make you less nervous on the day. Most professionals will offer a pre-wedding or engagement session. Use this opportunity to ask any questions and practice any poses that you’re concerned about. On the day, make sure you allow enough time for your photos. Your chosen expert will take control of the group shots and couple’s portraits, but you don’t want to feel rushed. Having enough time to top up your lipstick, fix your hair, straighten cufflinks and fasten waistcoats can make all the difference. Finally, remember that you’ve just married the love of your life. No matter how you feel in the run-up to the day, when you’re standing together as newlyweds, nothing can burst your bubble. Charlotte Elizabeth Kaye | Charlotte Elizabeth Photography | EXPERT ADVICE 81