Your West Midlands Wedding - February/March 2024 (Issue 90)

Wedding planning can be a stressful business, so we’ve gathered together our top wellness picks to help you start 2024 on the right foot Wedding wellness must-haves 365 Day Positive Affirmations Pad, £10.99 Start each day with a positive mindset using this 365-day positivity desk pad. It’s a charming addition to any workspace, promoting relaxation and inspiration. Brighten your surroundings and cultivate a positive outlook on life. Peep Club Eye Rescue Lidstick, £15 After three years in the making, Peep Club Eye Lidstick has been formulated to support the health of the eyes, which all thanks to modern day stressors such as central heating, screen-use, make-up, medication, and caffeine, can become radically distrupted. Strengthen, repair, prime and protect with this multi-use eye treatment. Zerowater 12 Cup, 2.8l Ready-Read Jug, £44.99 Ensure day-long access to pure, filtered water to hydrate your way to beautiful wedding skin with this filtration jug. It features a built-in TDS meter that provides instant water quality readings, while the fivestage filtration system removes dissolved solids from tap water, giving you the purest and tastiest water. Tisserand Aromatherapy Little Box of De-Stress, £17 If your stress-o-meter is tipping over the edge, try Tisserand Aromatherapy’s Little Box of De-Stress. To support you when life becomes hectic, pressured and your mind overcrowded, this trio of rollerballs will help you breathe, be calm and relax. Includes: Mind Clear, Inner Harmony and Total De-Stress. Liforme Radiant Sun Yoga Mat, £140 Yoga mat brand Liforme is providing sunshine throughout the colder months with the launch of its Radiant Sun mat. Featuring warrior-like grip, a planet-friendly and trailblazing alignment system, it also boasts a patented waterproof barrier. What more excuse do we need to start practising our poses? Serenity Bliss Bundle, The Mellow Patch Company, £33.23 CWM managing editor Danielle put these to the test. She says, “I can honestly say, I had a great night’s sleep after just one patch, which I’d worn around 10 hours before bed, with no grogy headache in the morning as I’ve had when trying sleeping tablets. Similarly, the CBD patches I felt the effects of in a serene, calming, finding-my-zen way, with no after effects here either.” TRIED & TESTED 66