Your West Midlands Wedding - February/March 2024 (Issue 90)

Holistic therapist and SBC Skincare’s head of education shares her ultimate guide to wedding-prep skincare Adele O’Donoghue has gained more than 20 years’ experience working in the skincare industry, which for her all began when she trained as a holistic therapist. During her time practising the valuable techniques she learned, she felt a passion to share her practical, relatable and affordable beauty tips, which is just what she gets to do as a regular guest presenter at QVC and TVSN. Plus, as head of education for SBC Skincare she strives to ensure the brand brings relatable conversations to the forefront, ensuring everyone feels understood and included. So, who better to turn to for advice on handling wedding stress and the toll that can take on your body, as well as on achieving that flawless complexion in time for the big day? Beauty and wellness editor Kelly Andrews quizzed Adele in search of answers. What do you love about SBC, what makes it different? SBC is a small independent British skincare brand that has an exceptional reputation within the industry. We’ve been supplying skincare solutions to the professionals for over 30 years. The trust and reputation we’ve built over that time makes me extremely proud. Every formula is made in small batches in the UK, which gives us complete ingredient traceability and quality control. SBC Skincare remains an affordable, luxurious brand with exceptional customer loyalty built upon results. What are your top skincare tips for our brides-to-be? Wherever possible, begin to take care of your skin and wellbeing sooner rather than later. Don’t make dramatic last-minute changes a few weeks before your wedding that may cause a reaction. Great results don’t rely on one facial the week before your wedding but on consistent care over a longer period until you’re glowing on your day. Try to cut out overly processed foods too. Eat a diet rich in colourful vegetables and fruits, as well as protein, and stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Great skincare starts from within so eat your skin beautiful. How can holistic therapy help with wedding planning fatigue and stress? Holistic therapy doesn’t have to be complex or reserved for expensive retreats. Simply having an awareness that our everyday rituals including the small habits and thought patterns could have an impact on our emotional and physical wellbeing can improve our stress levels. Taking the time to understand your own personal stress triggers and circumstances can help you to adjust to a demanding lifestyle. Changes to diet and sleep habits will improve energy levels and by prioritising yourself in these ways, your self-worth, mental clarity, and confidence will improve. Breakouts are a common side effect of stress. How can we prevent and treat these so as not to jeopardise the look of wedding make-up? Try to prevent stress by introducing some self-care practices. Ensure that some of your daily exercise includes mindful stretching and meditation, yoga is always a great choice. If you have time before your wedding, try introducing a retinol into your regime. Considered the gold standard of skin care, retinols accelerate cell turnover to reveal fresher, younger skin cells and decrease congestion. Always apply in the evening followed by a broad-spectrum SPF the following day. Regular facials aren’t always within budget. Can you recommend a daily at-home self-care/skincare regime to perfect the complexion in time for the big day? You can most definitely achieve great results at home, make sure your basic regime is consistent. Always cleanse thoroughly morning and night, apply broad-spectrum SPF during the day and a daily moisturiser regardless of your skin type. Protecting your natural barrier is key to achieving healthy strong skin so look for ceremides, lipids and antioxidants within your skincare formulas. You can upgrade to salon-worthy skin care by introducing a weekly mask. I’d recommend SBC Hydra-Collagen Clay Mask to purify the skin, while combatting fine lines. To quench thirsty skin, apply one of SBC’s Moisturising Gels: Hydra-Collagen, Hyaluronic, or Propolis & White Willow for example. Use a thick layer to tackle specific concerns while hydrating thirsty skin. What are the biggest trends in skincare at the moment and what’s your favourite? I prefer proven results rather than trends, but I’m delighted to see a return to the clean skin aesthetic. I would, however, urge you not to feel under pressure to achieve flawless skin. Remember that your skin is the most incredible vital organ and feeling comfortable within it and learning to love your own is the real success. Enjoying the process of massaging your skin helps to energise and uplift you before your day begins, and think about just how therapeutic a deep cleanse can be at the end of the day. It all helps us to clear our minds and decompress. SKINCARE 101 with Adele O’Donoghue 64