Your West Midlands Wedding - February/March 2024 (Issue 90)

HOT TOPIC: wedding worries Our experts solve your problems HOLD ME CLOSE What are the latest photography trends? One of the biggest photography trends I’ve seen throughout 2023 and going strong into 2024 is the intentional blur of photos. Sometimes this can be misunderstood as a photographer missing the focus, but when done correctly at the right moments, it can really set the imagination off when couples relive their wedding day by viewing their images. Whether it’s a flutter of the bride’s dress as she scurries to the wedding venue in the morning, garden games in action during cocktail hour, or guests having a blast dancing at the wedding reception, intentional blur can really capture the mood of the moment. Don’t be afraid if your photographer supplies you with a handful of photos that have some obvious motion blur within them. They were probably trying some artful intentional blur to capture the movement, the fun, and the liveliness of a moment and really add some mood to the memories being preserved. It’s always best to research the photographer’s approach, the style of images they produce and have a consultation with them so they can answer all of your questions before booking them for your wedding day. Priya Walia AL FRESCO ROMANCE What are your top tips for planning an outdoor wedding? Probably the biggest challenge you’ll face when planning an outdoor wedding is – all together now – the weather! But if you plan, plan, and plan some more, you’ll find ways around it while still having the best open-air celebration you could wish for. Make sure everyone’s adequately informed. When you send out your invitations, make sure you’re clear on which parts of your day will be celebrated outside so that guests know to make their own arrangements in terms of attire and protection. Keep an open line of communication with your suppliers too and collaborate with them on wet-weather backup plans. For example, at what point will you be prepared to make the decision to take it all inside? Who is going to be responsible for moving the whole shebang? Check on the access to your venue. If you’re tying the knot in a field, is there parking nearby? Are there accessible roads and paths to get to you? If not, think about how you can overcome these challenges. Perhaps you need to take extra transport from a local car park, for example. Also, think about accessibility from the point of view of any less able-bodied guests you may have coming. Sound tends to drift away in the open air, so make sure you have all the tech in place to ensure everyone can hear you as you say, “I do.” You’ll also need to check with the venue whether there are any restrictions on late-night music, as you don’t want to disturb the local wildlife or residents! Also on the tech front, do you have all of the creature comforts in place, such as loos and generators? Have a think about what cover you want to provide for you and your guests. This is, of course, crucial for the comfort of all, not only in terms of wet weather protection but also from the sun – we’ve had some scorchers in recent years. Once you’ve settled on a vibe for your nuptials, this should all become clear. An elegant, lined marquee is ideal for a classic wedding, whereas a tipi is the perfect choice for a boho or rustic vibe. When it comes to styling, really take a look at your setting and plan ways in which you can complement it with your theme. Nature can do an incredible amount of heavy lifting on this front if you strive to work with it rather than against it. Melissa Cullen – Editor of Your West Midlands Wedding Getty Images 42