Your South Wales Wedding - May/June 2020 (Issue 73)

Our experts solve your problems HOT TOPIC: WEDDING WORRIES FRESHLY PICKED IDEAS I want my nine bridesmaids to have beautiful bouquets, but we’re on a tight budget. Do you have any ideas on how we can save money? ❤ Talk to your chosen supplier and explain your financial situation. Most will offer you advice and suggestions on how you can keep the price down. ❤ Picking seasonal blooms will help reduce the cost and ensure the arrangements look fresh on the day. ❤ Large flowers such as the O’Hara rose are more expensive than a standard version, but due to its size, you won’t need to buy as many. ❤ Instead of having a top table arrangement, why not fill vases with your bouquets after the ceremony? Kayleigh Jones Florist NOW THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT We want to book some fun entertainment for our big day, but we’re a bit worried about booking someone online that we’ve never met. Do you have any suggestions? ❤ A professional will make time for you and put your mind at rest. It’s good to see an entertainer perform before booking or listen to a recommendation from a friend who you trust. Many of our bookings come this way. ❤ Do your research. Websites and social media are a good way of seeing feedback from previous clients and finding out what suppliers offer. Business directory listings are an additional source of information for DJs, and YouTube is ideal for those looking for a band, comedian or magician. ❤ Try and see your chosen supplier in action. Although this might not always be possible, especially with the current pandemic, it’s a good way of seeing how they interact with the crowd. I’ve had potential clients ask it they can come and see me DJ at other events but if the shoe was on the other foot, would you like strangers coming into your wedding to suss out the entertainment that you’ve booked? Remember you can’t judge five hours worth of entertainment in just five minutes. If you can’t see them, ask a past client to talk to you and make sure you speak to your potential suppliers on the phone or talk on video chat before booking. ❤ If you’re looking for something fun to entertain your guests, opt for a selfie wizard. It’s possible to have the facility all day or just in the evening. The wizard is a special device with a screen and Wi-Fi that uploads photos off your phone that can be viewed by everyone. You will even get to keep a memory stick with all the images on after the big day. Our services includes a member of staff who will show your friends and family how to use the system and take pictures. We also supply props, instructions for every table and selfie challenge cards. June Gould (DJ June Cecilia) DJ 54