Your South Wales Wedding - May/June 2020 (Issue 73)

“Cake freezes perfectly, so if you have any leftover and it wasn’t frozen previously (check with your supplier), freeze it and enjoy it for months to come. You could even keep some for your first anniversary.” – Katy from Cakes by Katy. “When do you want to serve the cake and do need enough to feed your evening guests as well?” – Katy from Cakes by Katy. Bright cakes have been a big trend in 2019 and are a great way of incorporating your chosen colour scheme. These bakes can be decorated using a drip effect, flowers or even jewels. Geode cakes are ideal for couples looking for a standout piece that will leave their guests fascinated. The effect can be achieved using a variety of colours, shapes and tiers. www.cake www.kate and “I recommend adding a small cake to the top of a tiered design and not cutting it on the day. Instead, keep it for yourselves and enjoy it together after your nuptials.” – Katy from Cakes by Katy. If you’ve decided against a traditional white bake, then ruffles are a fun alternative. Not only will it make the cake stand out, but it’s also a great way of incorporating your colour scheme. BRIGHT AND BOLD www.mat and www.cup ncakes 52