Your London Wedding - Page number 43 - May/June 2021 (Issue 77)

LOVE IN the city I ain and Sylwena were brave enough to go on a blind date set up by a mutual friend – and thank goodness they did! Although the plan was just to have a couple of drinks, this soon turned into a meal and chatting all evening. “We were instantly attracted to each other and conversation flowed so easily,” Sylwena says. “A sense of humour and not taking oneself too seriously was definitely part of the attraction!” Fast forward into their relationship and Iain was planning to pop that all-important question, and he chose the most romantic spot in which to do so. “He proposed on a trip to Iles Sanguinaires, a set of small isles off Corsica, which are only accessible by boat,” Sylwena says. “A small lighthouse sits at the top of the largest island and we were all alone when Iain presented a beautiful ring.” The pair set the date for 1 st June, 2019, with a ceremony at King’s College Chapel on the Strand. “Sylwena is a King’s College graduate,” Iain tells us. “The Chapel is stunningly beautiful, rich in colour and also wonderfully intimate. It was even more special as Sylwena’s father sadly passed away before we met, and the university campus holds fond memories for her family of Sylwena’s graduation. It made us feel more connected to him.” The couple then had to find the perfect reception venue. Sylwena continues the story… Sylwena and Iain’s gorgeous city-chic wedding shows the best of London in the summertime Images courtesy of Doville Gail Photography REAL WEDDING 43