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Jay Anderson

Emma Souslby

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Louise Leaves

I’m keen to get some portraits done

of me in my wedding finery but I’m

camera shy. How can I overcome my

fear and get the shots I want?

Jay says:

The most important thing is to find

a photographer whose style matches your vision

for your day.The next step is to find someone

who’ll make you feel comfortable and help you overcome

your shyness.The essential job of a wedding photographer

is to make the bride feel beautiful.

An engagement shoot is a very popular way to get

comfortable in front of the camera.You’ll be able to practise

portrait shots, so when it comes to the big day both you

and your photographer are happy and hopefully you’ll feel

at ease during this hectic but special day.

fashion and beauty

Get the look: floral garlands

Emma Soulsby


Jay Anderson


Meet the


Louise Leaves

Hair stylist and

make-up artist


I love the look of floral garlands, but have no

idea how to co-ordinate my hair and make up to

complement the look. Any ideas?

Louise says:

​If you’re considering bright, summer flowers,

then I’d suggest a natural base with a pop of colour on the

lips. For a wintry vintage posy with whites and greens, I’d

suggest a subtle dewy look.

As for the hair, your style should complement the shape of your

chosen design, whether a crown or a tumbling garland. Coronets look

best with loose tumbling waves, while a chic up do is better suited to

a cascade of flowers.

You can create beautiful

waves with a few simple

curling tricks.

When using straighteners

to curl your hair, use a large

paddle brush and just a spritz

of hairspray at the end to

reveal sleek waves that will

last all day.

Curl away from your

face for beach waves and

curl towards your face for a

vintage-inspired look.

She wore flowers in

her hair

I love the idea of wearing real flowers in

my hair but I’m worried that the blooms

will wilt in the heat. What’s your advice? 

Emma says:

During your initial consultation,

you should discuss the style, colours and

theme of your floral crown with your florist.

Not all blooms are suitable for a floral crown, such

as jasmine, but more durable flowers such as roses

are perfect. Each stem should be chosen, conditioned

(stripping the leaves and cutting the stalk correctly),

then stored at the perfect temperature to ensure

they’re open just enough to be glorious but not

enough that they over-bloom.

Your floral crown should be made on the morning

of the wedding to allow each bloom a chance to drink

plenty of water before they’re wired together, which

in turn means they last as long as possible. I’m yet

to find a bride that doesn’t delight in wearing one,

they’re so much fun.








Your LondonWedding would like to thank all the contributors to the stunning images

used on this page. Styling, hair and make-up by Love Hair by Lou; Photography by Jay

Anderson Photography and Lucy Pelham Burn Photography; Dresses from Heart Aflutter,

; Flowers by Ladybird Florist; Model Christina Curly.