Your Hampshire and Dorset Wedding - January/February 2024 (Issue 102)

HOT TOPIC Local experts offer stellar advice on wedding dilemmas WINTER WONDERLAND We’re having a winter wedding and want to incorporate our theme into our flowers. Do you have any suggestions? With a romantic winter wedding, incorporate candlelight and the twinkle of fairylights through the dappled natural light of the day. The season provides an abundance of beautiful foliage and blooms, perfectly fitting with your theme. We may not have the same array of beautiful flowers like during the summer months, but the berries, twigs, and winter blooms available are just as stunning while offering beauty and texture. Flowering eucalyptus, tree ivy with added berries, conifer, ferns, skimmia and viburnum berries with their dark pearl blue glow all look stunning paired with some beautiful winter florals. Roses will always be a focal flower accompanied by winter helleborus, known as the Christmas Rose, and hypericum berries to provide a stunning floral display. Winter garlands are a great way to decorate larger spaces, bringing in the finer details with delicate bud vases bursting with flowers, berries and foliage. Pair the arrangements perfectly with tapered candles in winter tones and tea lights to decorate the spaces. Nicola Waddilove | Petals & Posies Floral Design IT’S ALL IN THE DETAIL I’ve bought a dress with no embellishments, and now I’m worried it’s too plain. How can I add the wow factor? Congratulations on finding your dream dress! If you’re concerned about feeling too plain, there are numerous ways to add that wow factor without compromising elegance. Why not incorporate a statement accessory, such as a bejewelled belt or a delicate lace sash, to cinch the waist while adding a touch of glamour? Alternatively, explore the option of a beautifully embellished veil for a dramatic and enchanting effect as you walk down the aisle. Talk to your dressmaker about adding carefully placed lace appliqués or intricate beadwork for a more subtle enhancement. These details can transform the simplicity of your dress into a masterpiece, ensuring all eyes are on you. A lace bolero is ideal for a winter wedding as it won’t just add sophistication but also provides warmth during the chilly weather. Opt for a delicate lace that complements the style of your dress, ensuring a seamless and elegant look. Don’t underestimate the power of well-chosen accessories like dazzling earrings or a bold headpiece that complements your style. Remember, it’s the personal touches that make a gown uniquely yours. I’d be delighted to assist you by incorporating these elements into your dress, ensuring it reflects your style and radiates sophistication on your special day. Sylwia Handrysik | Wedding Dress to Be 83 ASK THE EXPERTS