Your Herts and Beds Wedding - April/May 2021 (Issue 85)

BRIDAL BLING What types of wedding bands are currently on trend? Wedding rings can seem like a daunting item of jewellery to choose or design, which is why a simple band can seem like a sensible option. I’m excited to see more couples who want something a little bit different for their rings, something that’s personal to them and their style. Here is a quick rundown of some of the trends I’m working with for my clients... ❤ Tiara wedding rings are sparkly crown-shaped rings that can be the perfect accompaniment to a classic solitaire engagement ring. This style can work with fitted wedding rings as well as straight bands and the silhouette can make a lovely engraving on a groom’s band to tie the two rings together. ❤ Vintage-style pavé set diamonds and mill grained edges are a style classic that refuses to go away and looks spectacular next to an engagement ring with plain shoulders to add some definition between the two. I have made several diamond-cut rings recently, which are a gorgeous way to achieve some sparkle and texture without adding gemstones. ❤ Diamonds have always been a classic addition to wedding jewellery, but more of my customers opt for colour using stones like sapphires, rubies and tourmalines. Jodie Gearing | Jodie Gearing Bespoke Jewellery Design NOW THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT! Why is live music so important at weddings? I believe that live music sets the tone and mood of a wedding like nothing else can; this is especially the case when the couple chooses to have live music during the ceremony itself. From a short ceremony in a registry office to a grand affair, live music will make it a magical and personal occasion. I tailor each wedding booking to suit a couple’s desires and strive to accommodate requests that hold a special meaning to the couple. I have some popular choices in my repertoire such as Pachelbel’s Canon , Ed Sheehan’s Perfect and Christina Perri’s A Thousand Years . If the couple chooses to walk down the aisle to the Game of Thrones theme tune and exit to the Star Wars theme tune, then that is fine by me – I have played both of these on more than one occasion! Hayley Pomfrett | Hayley Pomfrett - Wedding Violinist STYLED TO PERFECTION I’m having a rustic-themed wedding and I’m looking to transform my venue. How can I achieve this? When working with brides to achieve their dream wedding and desired aesthetic, we love to see both their venue and moodboards to ensure we’re all on the same page. At Victoria + Claire, our interpretation of a rustic style when translated into wedding terms is a rural countryside blended with a timeless, romantic and intimate feeling. We use our props to create a mood, not just a setting, that also complements the venue. We use crate boxes to add depth and various levels to flowers and objects and then add ivory drapes to soften and give an elegant and sophisticated vibe. Our cylinder vases and gold lanterns with candles provide an intimate and romantic atmosphere to any room. Our wooden arbour is a big feature display; the natural wood works great with barn beams and allows blooms to be wildly placed. Unless a bride requests an entirely bespoke approach to signage, our standard font and signs are both soft and delicate – the devil really is in the detail! Lauren Jones and Sam Woodside | Victoria + Claire ACCESSORISE AND SHINE I’m looking for jewellery to give my bridesmaids as a thank you present, what would you suggest? Bespoke pendants, earrings and bracelets are an excellent gift for your bridesmaids as they not only complement the bridesmaids’ outfits on the day, but they can be worn forevermore. The design itself can be simple and elegant or have a bit more of a punch. You can create the pieces with their taste in mind and can add a splash of colour. One of the most beautiful and exciting pieces I designed for a bride was based on her love of her hometown in Wales. From her beloved family garden, where she spent a lot of her time, we chose the perfect twig to incorporate in the design. We 3D-scanned it, added a claw setting and cast it into silver to make an earring and necklace set. The organic elegance with the vibrance of the orange citrine not only complemented her bridesmaids’ dresses and the bride’s colour theme, but was also the perfect memento. Sarah Heulwen Lewis Heulwen Lewis Bespoke https://redp www.artb www.isab Scott Pearce 78