Your Herts and Beds Wedding - October/November 2023 (Issue 100)

Beauty editor Kelly Andrews investigates the much-discussed bridal must-have treatment, HydraFacial As beauty editor here at County Wedding Magazines I get to talk to a lot of bridal make-up artists and skincare specialists, and have heard them recommend a course of HydraFacials on many an occasion. It’s suitable for all skin types and addresses all skincare needs, so this apparently is the best way forward to glowing big-day skin. I needed to investigate for myself so, I headed to my local HydraFacial provider, The Melrose Clinic in Leigh-on-Sea, quick smart. I was lucky enough to have the chance to give the gold level HydraFacial a whirl, and my treatment begun with a cleanse before my therapist, Cornelia, went in with a lymphatic drainage massage. This stage is designed to assist your body’s natural ability to recycle, by opening up its lymphatic system. It helps to get rid of toxins built up in the skin, as well as reducing puffiness. The first step of the HydraFacial proper is an exfoliation, offering the skin a second, deeper cleanse. The system uses vortex technology, a vacuum to the uninitiated, via the device’s wand, which is where the magic happens. HydraFacial works with several highly-regarded professional brands including JLO Beauty, Murad, ZO Skin Health and Circadia to produce signature products especially for this treatment and its associated technology. The liquid is released into the tip of the wand, which is then passed over the face. Meanwhile, the technology delivers deeper product penetration and longer-lasting results than a traditional facial ever could. The first solution, Active Pore, contains algae extract, lacid acid and glucosamine. Nothing too harsh, and it works to give the skin a deep exfoliation. Next is a light GlySal peel, so called as it contains both glycolic and salicylic acids. When you book the recommended course of HydraFacials, your therapist will gradually move you through the strengths – 7.5 per cent, 15 per cent, and 30 per cent. It’s important not to shock the skin, so they’ll check all the way to make sure it’s happy and reacting well before moving to the more intense versions. The peel opens up the pores and exfoliates even more deeply than the previous exfoliation step. You’ll also find it has a brightening effect and helps with breakouts, no doubt music to your ears as you prepare for your big day. Moving on to the extraction part of the process, the vacuum technology comes into its own removing black heads from the nose, and is much kinder to the skin than squeezing them out. Although I didn’t have any blackheads, I do struggle with an oily T-zone, so this was one of the most satisfying sections for me. Be gone dirt and debris! The chemical peel is then neutralised before moving on to the booster, exclusive to the gold level. During my consultation at the beginning of the treatment, we’d discovered that my skin was particularly dehydrated. The sudden temperature change hadn’t been doing it any favours and what I thought were just dry skin patches, turned out to be eczema. So, my therapist selected Hydraglucan by Nassif MD. As well as a healthy helping of hyaluronic acid it also contains glucosamine, which aids collagen production and softens skin tissue. My skin was so parched, it soaked the product up in double quick time, literally lapping up every drop of goodness from the booster. I was next put under red LED and infrared lights to bring any redness down and ensure the serum fully penetrated the skin. These also heal, which was great news for my eczema patches. There’s also a blue light option, which is likely the one your therapist will opt for if you suffer from breakouts as it’s antibacterial. I relaxed beneath the glow for 15 minutes, while I tried not to doze off, so relaxed was I by this point. Finally, came the skin infusion, the part that makes the complexion really glow. It contains hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, arnica to calm, and mineral skin conditioners – copper, magnesium and zinc. If you ask your therapist at the end, they’ll show you the gunky jar! This is where all of the extractions from your skin end up. To be fair, mine could have been worse. But knowing the content of that jar was once stored in the pores of my face and now isn’t, was super-satisfying. No lie, I’ve been talking about this treatment since I left the clinic. I entered with utterly miserable skin and over the next few days it began to feel clearer, lighter and crucially was responding to the skin care I was applying. I’m happy to report that I’m so pleased with the result, I no longer feel self-conscious when I dare to go out make-up free. I can only imagine the results following a full course. For brides-to-be a course of six HydraFacials six months before the big day is recommended. This allows time for the chemical peel intensity to be increased gradually and have optimum effect. It’s advised that your final treatment be left no later than a week prior to the wedding just in case of any adverse reactions. The most popular option amongst nearlyweds is the silver HydraFacial, priced at £140 the cost comes down when you book a course, and includes everything I’ve talked about above, minus the booster serum. Contact your local HydraFacial provider to learn more. You can find your nearest at Best face forward 66