Your East Midlands Wedding - February / March 2021 (Issue 42)

47 REGIONAL SHOOT This glamorous and classic shoot features beautiful shades of pink Images courtesy of Phil Lynam at The Boardroom Studio P lanning a wedding can be a daunting task for any couple, especially if they have never done anything like it before. This local shoot is bursting full of inspiration for a classic and timeless wedding look. Shoot coordinator Samantha Harrison from Blondelle Beauty wanted to portray this style of bridal beauty, but with a modern edge. She says, “Pink is definitely my happy colour and I used lots of tones including blush, shell and rose along with modern accents of crystals in the hair accessories and bridal gowns to show a modern and glamorous interpretation. “I wanted it to be about the bride and focus on the importance of looking and feeling your best by having the best team around you. It was important to highlight our roles in the wedding industry as we do more than make brides look beautiful – we build close relationships with our clients to bring their dreams to life.” Sit back and enjoy these incredible shots... ELEGANCE  Timeless