Your Bristol & Somerset Wedding - June/July 2022 (Issue 89)

Q&A Beauty Look and feel your big-day best with help from the professionals LOOK OF LOVE I love make-up and am always experimenting with new looks and products. So, how do I step it up for my wedding day and make sure I look like me, but a wedding-day version?! Jane Dare, Eyedomakeup (, shares her recommendations for a look that’s authentic, beautiful, timeless and real to you: “On your wedding day, you’ll be photograped a lot so you’ll need to wear a little more make-up than usual. It’s important not to worry about other people’s judgements though and try not to be swayed by Photoshopped social media posts. Instead, invest in the right products for you. Consider the time of year, indoor or outdoor photography, the vibe of your wedding and finally enhancement of your natural features. “Your perfect make-up look starts with a new skincare routine. To start makeup application use a good base primer to suit your skin. Smashbox is brilliant for skin with pore damage, also check out Benefit Porefection. Prime eyes too – Urban Decay prevents creasing and makes shadow last all day and night. Next, concealer is key for underneath the eyes and any blemishes. Choose a shade one to two lighter than your foundation. Use waterproof eyeliner and mascara, and apply false lashes to enhance your eye shape, or salon applied for maximum impact in photos. “Choose a long-lasting base – Double Wear from Estée Lauder is fab. Mix it with BB cream or tinted moisturiser for a slightly dewy look. Blending is key so use good clean brushes to create that flawless, natural look. For oily skin, apply a setting powder in the T-zone only. Avoid caking the base, as it won’t look flattering in photos! The best piece of advice I can give is to stay true to skin tone. There’s nothing worse than looking back to see a white neck and orange face! For warmth, opt for a professionally applied spray tan, but avoid the face. “Apply a cream blush, more than you think, on the apples of the cheeks as a white dress can wash you out. Apply soft sculpting contouring to enhance and warm the face in the correct places and add warmth with a matte bronzer if needed. Highlight liberally down the nose, Cupid’s bow and brow to give the skin radiance. “Use a lip stain if lips are dry, alternatively a lippy of choice and matching liner. Press in, blot and apply several times for longevity. Finally, set everything with a good setting spray – Urban Decay is my recommendation.” PUMP UP THE VOLUME I love the big voluminous up dos I’ve seen on Pinterest, but although my hair is long, it’s fine, so I worry this dream is out of my reach! What can you suggest? Victoria Spencer, Tory B Hair (, shares some words of wisdom: “It’s absolutely achievable in so my ways depending on how big you want to go. Initially, most people go for clip-in extensions, which offer an easy way to add length and weight. Colour match as near as you can, but don’t worry if there’s a slight variation in shade as once the hair is up this can sometimes add more dimension to the style, which looks great. “If clip-ins aren’t what you’d like, then grab a bun ring from any haircare retailer – an amazingly versatile item for us hair stylists. They come in different sizes, so go large for a showstopping style and make sure you choose a colour nearest to your own. This doesn’t mean you have to have a bun, the ring simply acts as extra padding and also means those pesky pins are sat in the ring and not on your scalp. “Finally, if all that sounds like too much, then reach for the volumising products. Fine hair is light and easy to pin up if you put in some good prep. Curl and set the hair beforehand, not forgetting the heat protection spray, as curls add immediate body. Then, try a hair dusting powder and gentle back-combing to add structure. Next, to hold locks in place, style with a lighthold hairspray and only use the strong-hold version once that’s all in place. “Now, there’s nothing stopping you!” Getty images 78