Your Bristol & Somerset Wedding - June/July 2022 (Issue 89)

U N P O S E D , U N C O N V E N T I O N A L , T I M E L E S S , B E A U T I F U L wi l l iam@wi l l wi l l iam_lane_photography | wi l l Enjoy our gelato cart Freshly made Gelato in your favourite flavours, in one of our elegant fleet of Bo Bom Gelato Mobiles. | 07880 616937 Facebook @BoBomGelato | Instagram @bobomgelato As your celebrant and wedding officiant I am devoted to creating meaningful and memorable ceremonies that celebrate who you are and what you hope to become together. With Soulmaking Ceremonies you are encouraged to reimagine the traditional wedding ceremony and create something truly unique. Choosing to create a bespoke wedding ceremony enables you to include your individual and collective dreams, inspiration and spiritual beliefs in a way that is relevant and authentic for you. Designing a wedding ceremony that is personal, participatory and held with care, love and intention is my speciality, as well as incorporating ritual and elements of the natural world to celebrate your connection with what you hold sacred. I welcome all faiths, genders and beliefs, holding an inclusive space for you and your guests to come together and share a profound experience of love that will infuse the rest of your day and future together. “Isla’s approach is thoughtful, intuitive and flexible. She worked with us to come up with the perfect order of ceremony, incorporating our ideas and suggesting rituals which would symbolise some of our goals as a couple. Our guests gave us fantastic feedback, even the most traditional saying it was the best wedding they had been to.” “She held the ceremony with such elegance and familiarity and conducted the ceremony with such gentle confidence and ease. From start to end we felt supported, loved and able to just be us. .” ISLAMACLEOD.COM | INSTAGRAM@ISLAJMACLEOD