Your Bristol & Somerset Wedding - June/July 2022 (Issue 89)

BOX OF DELIGHTS My spouse-to-be and I have decided against a traditional wedding cake and instead are going to have a table full of yummy treats. Do you have any suggestions? A dessert table is actually quite a good idea if you’re only having a small gathering and don’t want to have lots of cake left over, or indeed if you just can’t decide between the the yummy treats on offer. I’d definitely recommend having a smaller cake for cutting and for the photographs though, even if it’s only one tier. It not only gives the dessert table a focal point, but it provides you with that iconic picture moment. You then need to decide what treats you’d like. There’s so much available from mini bites such as macarons to fully-loaded cupcakes. Cakesicles and doughnuts are also great fun. Ask for a few different flavour options, but not too many – you don’t want to confuse your guests! Also, ask for everything to be themed to fit in with your wedding palette, this way you’ll have a picture-perfect display. Decide how many treats you’d like to provide for each guest and remember, some will eat more than their quota, whereas others will eat less. Depending on what else you have on offer, you should allow for around two to three portions per guest, including cake slices. This will ensure you have plenty to go round. Don’t forget to ask your cake maker how best to keep any leftovers as most can be frozen and enjoyed later. Whatever you choose to do, remember there’s no wrong way to do a dessert table. It’s your day, you do it your way – that’s all that matters. Kerry Hemms, THE SEARCH IS ON We’re just starting out on our big-day journey and neither of us have a clue what we should look for when booking a venue or what we should be asking. Can you help? Before you start looking for a venue, think about what sort of wedding celebration you want to have – traditional or relaxed, festival-style; country mansion or village hall; band or disco; sit-down meal or buffet and so on. Budget will also partly determine what you can plan for your guests. Think too about how much you want to be involved in the planning and set up of the venue. Once you’re confident of all of this in your own minds, then you can look for a venue that can deliver on your key points. We see couples who increasingly feel restricted by being forced to use in-house caterers or approved photographers and florists where they’d prefer to think outside the box and do what feel best and most comfortable. Old Bridge offers considerable flexibility, as our couples can choose their own caterers, decorate our beautiful marquee to their liking and bring their own personal flair to their special day. We don’t even offer packages, so you can do as you please. We realise this doesn’t suit everyone, but if you know what sort of day you want, it helps before you start your search for your perfect venue. John Blake, PLAY IT AGAIN! We’re looking for entertainment that will keep our guests happy throughout the day. Do you have any suggestions? Live music! Always guaranteed to keep the mood joyful and get your guests tapping their feet or singing along. It can complement any point throughout your special day from pre-wedding ceremony music to setting-the-mood tunes during your drinks reception, or even the often over-looked early evening guest arrival. You don’t have to save it until your evening bash. It also works perfectly alongside other entertainment, such as the background music while a close-up magician performs during a drinks reception or as a live soundtrack of your favourite songs during your wedding breakfast while you eat. What’s more, having some super-funky live tunes playing as guests enjoy visits to the photo booth is another option. Lucy Harvey, 56