Your Bristol & Somerset Wedding - June/July 2022 (Issue 89)

an important part of that, not least because it’s in area in which you can all too easily get swept away. This way, when you’re looking at venues you can get an idea of whether you’ll be able to achieve the look you want within budget given the blank canvas you have in front of you. Lauren says, “If you need to revamp the room to suit, you’ll be thinking about spending quite a bit of money. Bringing in outside suppliers who specialise in rentals or venue design can be a really helpful tool when trying to keep to a budget. “Hone in on what elements really make a difference and budget smartly. Start with the things that are a no-brainer to you. Ideally, these should be the things that make an impact when you walk into the reception space, such as gorgeous palette-matching linens as far as the eye can see. Work with what you have to spend but add an extra 20 per cent as there’ll often be something you haven’t accounted for that just makes your heart smile. It’s also worth investing in someone to pull everything together on the day too as they’ll remove a lot of stress and bring a sense of calm to the whole process.” CHECK OUT LAUREN’S DOS AND DON’TS THE DOS ❤ Hire a venue stylist to help you in the lead up, or at the very least on the day. ❤ Think about what makes you happy and work with that. Don’t worry about what other people might expect from your wedding. ❤ If you’ve spent on lovely elements ask your photographer to capture them. ❤ Ask about delivery of props and styling items as well as collection straight away as this can be a make or break for your budget. THE DON’TS ❤ Don’t get too bogged down with Pinterest or set on a single image you want to replicate. Work with your suppliers to create something unique that works for you. ❤ Don’t go into debt or get yourself into state over finances for the sake of making your wedding look a certain way. Often it’s the little touches that are appreciated and remembered by guests. HOLLY ADDS... “Try not to underestimate scale and proportion. It takes a surprising quantity of décor to dress most wedding venues and a table runner that’s too short, laid out with a handful of tea lights or vases that are far too low for the height of the space isn’t enough to make any real impact.” for Lauren Alexander Blooms for Lauren Alexander Blooms for Lauren Alexander Bloom for Ambience Venue Styling Bath “Carrying the visual language throughout all wedding spaces will ensure everything ties together nicely.While re-using ceremony décor later in the reception space offers you the best value from your venue styling.” – Holly, AmbienceVenue Styling Bath Themes Inc. 50