Your Yorkshire Wedding - January/February 2024 (Issue 64)

VINTAGE MEETS MODERN Michelle Nina Hanson from Lister Horsfall ( says: As we anticipate 2024, wedding jewellery trends are set to blend classic elegance with modern innovation. A resurgence of vintage-inspired designs with intricate details and heirloom aesthetics take centre stage. Vintage gemstone cuts like cushion and emerald make a notable comeback, adding an element of nostalgia. Personalised creations too gain popularity as couples seek to imbue their jewellery with sentimental value. The emphasis on sustainability and ethics drives a trend towards responsible practices, with couples choosing sustainable materials, ethically-sourced gemstones, and eco-friendly processes. The appeal of sustainable choices aligns with a desire for meaningful symbolism, each piece a testament to enduring love and a commitment to ethical values. Customisation extends beyond engravings to include birthstones and entirely bespoke pieces, allowing you to weave personal narratives into your wedding adornments. In terms of metals, yellow gold’s enduring appeal offers a warm and romantic alternative to traditional white gold. A mix of metals also becomes more prevalent, providing you with the opportunity to experiment with diverse textures and tones. THE RISE OF THE CELEBRANT Humanist wedding celebrant Rachael Bowers from Ceremonies with Rachael ( says: There was a 49 per cent increase in searches for celebrant weddings during 2023, so I predict that their popularity will continue to grow in 2024! A celebrant is like your personal cheerleader, coaxing the best out of you on your wedding day. If you want help writing wedding vows, we can do that. If you’re anxious about being the centre of attention, we can design a pressure-free ceremony. If you want to get the wedding day going with a bang, we can do that too. Whatever your vibe is, a celebrant can incorporate it into your wedding ceremony in a way that civil ceremonies don’t. My couples tell me they love celebrant-led weddings because of the freedom they offer. You can hold your wedding anywhere; indeed I’ve recently led weddings in castles, family gardens, rustic barns and stately homes. But couples also love the level of personalisation: when you work with a celebrant, they get to know you and your story, and use that knowledge to craft a ceremony you and your guests will love. I adore working with couples to create wedding ceremonies that shout about their love in an engaging way. IT’S ALL IN THE DETAILS Helen Emson at Willow and Bear Floral Design ( says: We predict that 2024 will see the continuation of beautifully self-assured floral designs that focus on the finer details. Many bridal designers have used intricate details in their fashions using layers of florals, texture and bold designs that ooze refinement with classic lines and modernity, so our floral designs mirror these style choices closely. Throughout 2024 and beyond we have many exciting projects with bold striking sculptural yet romantic designs utilising minimalist natural tones and pared-back colour to create playful and confident floral features. When we create authentic designs these reflect the personalities of the couples with the use of bold tones and textures in both the flowers and the styling elements of their day. By using understated glamour, we add the memorable details that create perfectly individual and intimate wedding spaces. The addition of dreamy finishing touches such as beautifully styled candlelit ethereal tablescapes sitting perfectly against botanical accents creates subtle drama and unapologetically confident designs. 58