Your Yorkshire Wedding - March/April 2023 (Issue 59)

72 Who? Jenny Roberts Millinery Where? Harrogate Why? “We have over 20 years fashion styling and millinery experience and look to new trends for inspiration, as well as creating headwear which flatters and enhances your look. We advise on millinery to suit your face shape, outfit and occasion, ensuring you’re happy and confident in your choice. Choosing a hat is far more than just matching a colour, with our team giving you the choice to hire or commission a design. We offer bridal with a difference and look to the catwalk for inspiration, seeing a lot of vintage, lace and florals. In terms of silhouette, think bird cage veils and halo headbands, while we also put a twist on our beaded hair vines adding handmade flowers and lace from client’s dresses for a truly bespoke look.” Jenny Roberts | Who? PA Jewellery Where? Sheffield Why? “We make and sell exceptional jewellery to wear on your wedding day – and forever. Our goldsmiths can create the perfect bespoke piece that you’ve been dreaming of, making a band that fits perfectly next to your engagement ring and remodelling your sentimental gold to create items full of personal significance. We want you to love the pieces that you buy from us, so if we don’t already have what you’re looking for, we’ll see if we can find it or make it. We know how meaningful it is when we create a wedding ring using a loved one’s jewellery. We get invested in your stories; we make sure our jewellery suits your lifestyle; and we give you all the time, expertise and advice you need to leave feeling fantastic.” Issy Starkiss | Who? Jessica Flinn Where? Sheffield Why? “We design and make unique and unusual engagement and wedding rings, specialising in alternative gemstones such as salt and pepper diamonds, tourmalines and spinel. Our designs are non-traditional and we exist to offer designs you simply can’t find on the high street, with a ‘fine diamond’ concept showroom, based on an Art Deco sushi bar! Customers can work with us in lots of different ways, such as shaped-to-fit packages, bespoke designs and more, with clients nowadays adding colour to their rings, such as bright sapphires and rubies. Patterned wedding bands are also incredibly popular, as it’s a great way to add interest to a wedding stack with additional gemstones; and looks just as beautiful.” Hayley Toothill-Taylor |