Your Yorkshire Wedding - March/April 2022 (Issue 53)

Nearlywed All the latest from the region LUNAR LOVE! A new study has revealed the best 2022 dates for couples to get married under the stars, based on the nights in the wedding season with the clearest stargazing views. Burton Constable Holiday Park, which offers luxury holiday accommodation, has researched the predicted moon phases and darkness intervals for nights between May and October 2022. The Park analysed the Fridays and Saturdays in the 2022 wedding season, which are the most common days for UK couples to get married, according to ONS data. Couples wanting to stargaze at their wedding should view the stars on a night with a new moon, where the side of the moon illuminated by the sun is facing away from the Earth. This stops reflected sunlight from washing out and hiding the starry night sky. Avoid dates with a predicted full moon or high illumination as the bright light will wash out any stars. The findings discovered that Saturday 27th August is the best date for stargazing weddings, with 0 per cent illumination, providing a clear view of the stars. August is also the most popular wedding month, so this could be the perfect date for a celestial-themed celebration. The best Friday for stargazing, and the second-best stargazing wedding date overall, is the 29th July, which is also due to have 0 per cent illumination from the moon. The top three Saturdays for marrying under the stars in 2022: ♥ 27th August (0 per cent illumination) ♥ 30th July (1 per cent illumination) ♥ 24th September (4 per cent illumination) The top three Fridays for marrying under the stars in 2022: ♥ 29th July (0 per cent illumination) ♥ 26th August (2 per cent illumination) ♥ 1st July (3 per cent illumination) The research follows data from Pinterest, which suggests that astronomy loving couples will be leading the pack when it comes to wedding themes in 2022. Lunar-themed events are predicted to take off in 2022, with moon party decorations seeing a huge increase in interest (+140 per cent) along with star-themed parties (+140 per cent). For brides-to-be, lunar wedding dresses are predicted to see a +180 per cent increase in interest this year. And for couples with a lunar theme in mind, bioluminescence aesthetics will see an increase in interest of 80 per cent. The Little Pearl Bridal Boutique scoops award The Little Pearl Bridal Boutique in Pickering has scooped up its third award title of Best Bridal Retailer in Yorkshire and The North East at this year’s The Wedding Industry Awards. Voted for by brides who have visited the boutique, and then rigorously judged by bridal professionals, this award is one of the most prestigious in the wedding industry. Owner of the boutique, and mum of three, Diana McMann says, “I’m still on cloud nine! It has been the most challenging 18 months as a small business, going through times of not knowing if we’d have a business at the end of it, to having one of our most successful years yet! I’m so proud of how we’ve adapted and turned these challenging times into opportunities. I’m thrilled that my team have been recognised for their continued dedication to our brides and for giving them the most amazing bridal experience. We couldn’t do any of this without our brides and we are so grateful of their support too. It’s an honour to be a part of their special day and it’s so heart-warming to see wedding days now going ahead and the wedding industry getting back on its feet. I can’t wait for an exciting year ahead, which will see us open an additional fitting room, allowing us to help even more brides on their bridal journey.” The Little Pearl specialises in bridalwear and accessories and prides itself on giving all of its brides an unrivalled, one-to-one, private, bridal experience. For more information visit NEWS 8