Your Yorkshire Wedding - March/April 2022 (Issue 53)

Arrive in style Tips and advice for choosing your big-day wheels Perhaps choosing your big-day transport won’t be above the priority of finding your dream wedding venue, flowers, dress or honeymoon, however, as it’s a key factor in the on-the-day proceedings – getting you to and from your desired locations – it really should be high up on the agenda. After all, the ceremony can’t start until you’re there to say ‘I do’! LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION Once the wedding venue has been chosen, then all the finer details can follow. For rustic settings, such as barns and teepees in fields, a classic Rolls Royce may look a little out of place. You can be inspired by your surroundings and choose your transport accordingly; a Land Rover or retro campervans would make a great choice for al fresco boho-themed days and will look supercool in the photos giving that ‘70s-vibe. If you’ve decided you want a classic country house mansion, in acres of land – quite literally in the middle of nowhere – then a classic vintage car will epitomise the feel of the day. However, as beautiful as these cars are, they’re vintage for a reason, so check with your chosen supplier that the distance to the venue is suitable for your classic ride. If choosing a fleet of cars for your bridal party, plan with the venue that driveways are kept clear and that there’s plenty of room for each car to arrive simultaneously. Does your venue have an area where the cars can wait between the ceremony and reception, and is there a picture-perfect spot for the all-important bridal portraits with the car? When it comes to location, if your ceremony venue and reception venue aren’t at the same place, have you factored in transporting your guests from one to another? Have both venues’ locations been given out in the invites for people to plan their route in advance? If you’re tying the knot in the city, or busy town, are there parking restrictions? It’s worth giving guests a list of taxi numbers in the surrounding area so that they are well prepared ahead of the day. TRANSPORT 67